Truths behind Some Mysterious Places

Our world never fails to surprise us as there is always something mysterious in every corner of the Earth. It is believed that some things are better left unsaid. And, in the same way, there are several places which are beyond the explanation of science even after lots of research. So, today we will learn about some unknown and mysterious places. Some of them are beautiful and some places are extremely harmful to humans.

1. Devil’s Kettle

Devil’s Kettle Falls on the Brule river of Minnesota puzzles hikers, people, and geologists since decades. In a particular place, this waterfall splits into two: one part tumbles and continues flowing into Lake Superior like a normal waterfall and the other part vanishes into a deep hole and disappears at all. Scientists are still unable to solve the mystery of the disappearing part of the falls. You may think that the part runs into underground but there is no proof. This mystery made this place famous among the scientifically impossible places.

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2. The Boiling River

Scientists have found a mysterious river which is always boiling in the rainforest of Amazonian Peru.

This river is known as ‘Shanay-timpishka’ which means ‘boiled with the heat of the Sun’. It runs burning hot for approximately 4 miles long. The average temperature of this river is more than 91 °C. This river is a natural wonder. Its surrounding ecosystem is different from any other places in the world. This is so deadly that if ever any animal falls into it and they start to boil. You might think that the high temperature is the effect of the nearby volcano. But this river is around 700km away from its closest volcano. So, there is no probability to get affected by it. This is considered to be a part of an enormous hydrothermal system which has not been seen anywhere else on this planet. 

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3. Movile Cave:

Whenever you read about a den or a cave, you must have thought that there could be hidden treasure in the cave, right? Here you will know about an ancient cave which is rich in diversity of rare species.

Movile cave is notable for its unique underground chemosynthesis-based ecosystem. Speleogenesis in this cave area was initiated around 5.5 million years ago. But until today it continues by the action of sulfuric acid that is resulted from the oxidation of sulfide in the cave. It is situated in Romania, a few kilometers from the Black Sea coast. There is no natural entrance to this cave and it was sealed for millions of years. A ray of light was found there that is quite next to impossible. Movile cave was discovered in 1986 when some geological investigation was going on in that area. More than 50 rare species are found there and they evolved separately.

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4. Lake Karachay:

Have you any idea about a place where spending an hour can kill you? Believe me or not, it is true. This kind of place still exists on this planet. Lake Karachay is situated in Russia near the border with Kazakhstan in the Ural Mountains. The lake is so tainted by radiation that may cause death. It is located inside a nuclear plant which was previously inaccessible. Later it was open for scientists and declared as the most polluted area in the world. Radioactive wastes are dumped into this lake. This lake is covered with a thick layer but it is still harmful as previous.

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5. The Sleeping of Kalachi:

You must have read the story of Sleeping Beauty, now imagine a whole city is sleeping. What will happen? You must think how is this possible? We will tell you about a mysterious city, Kalachi. People of this city of Kazakhstan were suffering from a strange disease that is sleeping sickness. They have fallen asleep suddenly and woke up with temporary memory loss. They also suffered from weakness, hallucinations, and headaches. Scientists were unable to find the real reason behind it. Later the mystery has been solved and the reason does lie in the uranium mines nearby. When the amount of carbon monoxide in the air increases, oxygen reduces, and the shortage of oxygen is the cause of sleeping sickness.

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Hope, you have learned interesting stories and facts about those mysterious places on the Earth. We know that ‘Mystery creates wonder’ and the never-ending thirst of discovery always surprises us. Perhaps, many more undiscovered places are waiting for us.

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