The Spider – Not so creepy as you think

 We know, many of us find the spiders scary. But some people got fascinated with this creature for their photography. But do you know that 14 March is the national Save-A-Spider day? Yes, these ugly looking creatures play vital roles to maintain the ecosystem. So, this creature is very much needed in the world. Now we are going to share a few facts about the spiders with you. Stay tuned.

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1. All spiders are not deadly

There are very few spiders in the world which have strong venom and for sure that can cause some health complications. Most of the spiders, who roam around us, do not have strong venom. Also, the majority of them never bite people. If they bite, do not get worried, these venoms have no side effects.

2. Spiders are blue-blooded pests

Spiders have blue blood. When the oxygen particle is bound to an iron molecule in an animal or human body, the blood gets red color. But in the case of spider, oxygen gets bounded with copper molecules. So, the spider’s blood is blue.

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3. Spiders can produce silk!

It is wonderful! There are 40,000 species of spider which can produce silk for different purposes to spin web, capture prey, reproduce, and protect the offspring and so on.

 4. All spiders do not spin the web

Yes, you read that right. Jumping spiders and wolf spiders do not construct a web to capture the prey due to their good eyesight and super fast-moving ability.

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5. Jumping spiders can jump 50 times more than their body length

Jumping spiders have a hydraulic system that helps them to jump long and give them a quick springing motion.

6. Spider’s silky web is strong enough

Spider silk is stronger than steel of the same thickness. Spider’s web may seem brittle and weak due to its thickness but you will be amazed to hear that if a spider makes its web as thick as a pencil that can stop an airplane while in motion.

7. Spiders have unusual muscles

Spiders can pull their legs inside only with their muscles. But after that, they will not be able to extend them out again. Spiders have to pump a liquid into their legs to push out them.

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8. Spiders have strange eyesight

Most of the spiders have 8 eyes. The primary set of eyes creates images and the other secondary set detects light and shadow. Spiders have a habit of nearsightedness.

9. Female spider lays 300 eggs at one time

Sound strange? But it’s true. After laying eggs, if the female spider dies, other female spiders take care of the eggs.

10. Spiders can digest only liquid foods

After capturing the prey, spider turns it into a liquid form by discharging digestive enzymes on the victim’s body. When the enzyme breaks down all tissue, spiders suck up the victim’s liquefied remains.

We think these amazing facts will make you believe that the spiders are enough fascinating too. And from now you will stop yourself from killing this 8 legged creature in future, as the majority of them are harmless. 

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