Unexpectedly Non- Alcoholic B-Town Stars

Undoubtedly B-Town stars love going to gatherings and having fun. Often their drunk after party pictures hit social media. There is no surprise when stars from Tinsel town gets into controversies due to their bad habits. It’s quite common for them. However, the unexpected part is that some Non- Alcoholic B-Town stars are damn fitness freak. These actors restrain from consuming alcohol and sets an example for the young generation.

Being Non-drinker does not mean these stars do not have a gala time. They are involved in every party but alcohol is a strict No for them. So, let’s check out the list of such actors below:

List of Non-alcoholic Bollywood Celebrities

Amitabh Bachchan:

The first and the foremost to enter the list of Non-Alcoholic B-Town stars is none other than Big B. The megastar has never consumed alcohol and not even smoke. Also, he is a pure vegetarian. Amitabh is very keen on his fitness and not a single day of him goes without exercising. The actor’s liver injury made him so conscious about his health. Even in his 70’s Amitabh looks half of his age and, is still rocking the silver screens.

John Abraham:

Handsome Hunk John Abraham, B-Town Stars also joins the bandwagon of Non- alcoholic actors. Never indulge in any kind of intoxicants. The gym is John’s first love and he does not miss a single session of it. The fitness junkie is unique in his way and, mostly stays apart. He does not like parties too and leaves the events too soon. In an interview, John revealed that early to bed and early to rise is his anthem. Also, the Dishoom actor added ‘ Fitness is the only Religion I know’. Imagining John without cigarette and liquor is astounding but that’s the truth.

Parineeti Chopra:

After vigorous hard work, bubbly Parineeti came into perfect shape. Thus, she knows the real value of fitness. To stay fit, Parineeti keeps herself away from alcohol. The actress faced a lot of weight issues in the initial days of her career which is why today she is so particular about her diet.

Shedding extra kilos is not an easy task, it takes years to achieve that toned attractive body. Parineeti doesn’t want to go back again from where she began. Thus, she avoids being an alcoholic. The actress recently appeared in the movie, The Girl on the Train and she is looking super hot.

Sonakshi Sinha:

The Dabangg girl Sonakshi follows a strict diet and never takes alcohol. Besides this, Sonakshi even encourages her fans not to drink alcohol. She also does public speaking on the harmful effects of alcohol. Sona has also done a lot of hard work to gain the perfect body shape. She does not want to be fat again and therefore, keeps her food and exercise on the count. Currently, the actress is busy finalizing her upcoming projects. Let’s see what Sonakshi has to offer in her next?

Bipasha Basu:

Surprisingly bombshell, Bipasha Basu hates drinking alcohol. Her fitness enthusiasm does not allow her to do it. Also, the Diva is among the fittest actresses and she does not want to get rid of that honorable tag.

Abhishek Bachchan:

Just like his father, Abhishek Bachchan is against drinking. Seems like he has inculcated this habit from his Dad. Abhishek maintains a healthy lifestyle and focuses more on his physique. He is also not that fond of parties and rather spends more time in the gym. In real life, Abhishek is a humble man with a positive outlook on life.

Deepika Padukone:

Bollywood Queen, Deepika Padukone has portrayed the alcoholic girl in Cocktail. However, in real life, the actress strictly avoids consuming any kind of alcoholic beverage. Instead of alcohol, Deepika relies more on green tea and water. Her flawless skin and toned body is evidence of her determination towards fitness. Deepika restricts herself from having junk, spicy and oily foods. Her self control is worth motivating and, Diva aims for staying fit throughout her life.

Shilpa Shetty:

The Yoga pro, Shilpa Shetty  is the fittest actress of Bollywood who inspires every woman to stay in shape. The beautiful actress is growing more charming with her age and anyone can drool over her radiant skin. Shilpa has no space for alcohol in her life because most of the time she dedicated herself to exercise and power yoga. She often posts videos on her social media where the actress emphasizes more on healthy eating.

Akshay Kumar:

It’s hard to believe that Bollywood’s Khiladi No 1 is a non-alcoholic actor. He is indeed the most disciplined actors for whom his work and health is always a priority. The actor refrains himself from late-night parties, smoking and drinking. Even in his 50’s, Akshay has six-pack abs giving tough competition to the young actors.

Well, these actors surely give us major fitness goals. Following their health habits can change our lifestyles drastically. So why not try it!

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