Uzbekistan wants to become another Mecca of the world where people can come for pilgrimage and bow their heads. Although this country, which is situated in middle Asia, is very much populated and has so many protected monuments and holy pilgrimages, which falls on the silk route of Samarqand and Bukhara.


This is a holy place for Uzbek people. But it is a mode of expanding tourism for the government of Uzbekistan. Especially when the country got independence from the isolationist and Authoritarian Governance. There are so many beautifully build cemetery present there in Uzbekistan.


The graves of famous personality like, Taimurlang, who was the Khan of Chagatai Mongol, is present here. Apart from him, the astrologer Ulughbek and Prophet Muhammad’s cousin Kusam ibn Abbas was also buried in Samarkand. Kusum ibn Abbas was the one who preached Islam to this country in the 7th century.


There is also a grave that is different from others, which is of Daniar. To reach this grave, every morning many people trek to the mountain situated on the outskirts of the city, the way of the peak of the hill crosses many old buildings. The route is covered with lots of pistachio trees. Many large tombs can be seen on the way.

Uzbek people

The way is so natural that one can hear birds and prayers. Here people eat together, and the interesting fact is this place is not only famous for Muslims but, even Christians also come here and pray as this place (UZBEKISTAN AND THE SECOND MECCA) is mentioned in the Bible as Saint Denial. It is mentioned that this place is the last resting place of Saint Daniel. Uzbek people respect prophet Denial as Daniar. Saint Denial was a Jewish, but Muslim people say that he was the prophet of God. Dillarbo, an old lady, goes daily there and pray for the soul of Daniar and also named his grandson as Daniar. This is a very unusual building.


Uzbek people still follow their old traditions, which is different from Islam tradition. That is why they still don’t know how many mosques are there in Uzbekistan, but according to some researchers it is said that they have around 2000 mosques.

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