The hottest radio jockey of BTown is back | What women wants season 2

l”What Women Wants season 2″ trailer: Kareena Kapoor radio show name promises candid, quirky conversations.

Kareena Kapoor Khan is back in another season, quickly wearing a jockey hat during the first season of the popular radio talk show “What Women Want Season 2” (104.8 Ishq FM).

This time, looking in the store, Ishq FM is treating viewers to post the trailer of the season.

Kareena Returns:

Kareena Kapoor Khan returns to the second season of the What Women Want radio show.

Since you share the fun of jokes, until you begin the essential conversation about social preservation, this trailer introduces a frank and bold discussion between a Bollywood actress and iconic characters in the industry.

Last year, the actress talked about a guest and a famous guest with the radio host What Woman Want Season 2.

Previous Season Guest:

The guests of the show until last season were all women, but with Saif Ali Khan, the first male guests presented. The photos of the first episode are publicly available.

The photo is cute with the handbag and Kareena. Kareena could see wearing blue denim and stripping pants, but Saif wore a black T-shirt and blue jeans.

About Last Season:

Interestingly, last season, Saif called Kareena on the show and asked how to make his wife happy after the birth of the child. Kareena says, “It’s generous to ask this question on national radio, but in a way, I think my husband only works for his wife, and your wife is automatically happy when you share them.”

Kareena also gave an excellent idea to her portfolio. She said: “Prepare a romantic date so that she is careful and goes to a romantic place without children and sees the magic. It is not sad if the woman says she wants to be with the children. She loves you again – opinion only means that she changes over time.

About Her Talk Show:

Kareena Kapoor talk show has opened the “female desire” for her Ishq FM radio show. Each episode of the show describes a topic related to the problems faced by women today. Kareena as the second season of the play (What women wants season 2) By inviting many celebrities and discussing with her, the second season there were many guests, including her husband Ali Khan and the daughter of his mother-in-law Mila Tagore.

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