10 known Facts Related to Muharram

With Muharram round the corner most Indians are ignorant about this festival. So let’s quickly throw some light on this festival.

  • It is celebrated by Shia Muslims . 
  • This festival  doesn’t marks happiness or joy  instead it’s linked with grief and sorrow. 
  • It is celebrated for the period over 2 months and 8 days in which first 10 days are most important. 
  • 10th day of Muharram( first month of Islamic calendar) is known as Ashura respectively. 
  • Muharram do commemorates the sacrifice of Imam Husain and his 72 kins in battle of Karbala ( a place in Iraq) against the cruel and wicked ruler Yazid. 
  • Shia followers abstain themselves from doing any auspicious activities during this period. 
  • Mourners can be seen wearing black clothes and other colours that remarks grief and sorrow.
  • They show grief through beating their chest and along with weeping along with recitation of sad poetry for their beloved religious leader remembering his sacrifice. 
  • Sermons are being given by religious leaders providing and spreading knowledge about Islam and Imam Husain sacrifice. 
  • Most people go for pilgrimage to the shrine of Imam Husain situated in Iraq. 
  • A special prayer named namaz-e- Ashura is being performed by both men and women under the scorching heat of sun.
  • Replica of coffins are made in remembrance of all those  who have sacrificed their lives in name of Islam.

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