Fish Prasad: A Cure For Asthma

India is a land of sages and believe in the power of supernatural and mystic beliefs which is beyond the rules of medical science. One such fine example is treating the disease of Asthma through the “fish”. It may sound strange but members of Bathini Goud family has been curing Asthma and breathing ailments by giving patients to eat fish that has been stuffed upon with an herbal paste. Known as fish “ prasadam”   has been believed to cure asthma in patients. 

Fish Prasad: A Cure For Asthma

The mega programme starts sharp at 8 am during beginning of Mrigasira Karthi or onset of Monsoon. The programme witness gets crowded with people coming from around the globe with firm believe to get cured through this “ miracle drug”. The yellow paste is stuffed into live three centimeter long murrel fish and then made to slip through throat of patient. The Goud family claims to do this event of curing asthma through fish from last 160 years. The paste filled in fish mouth is a kind of yellow herbal paste , whose ingredients is a family secret. 

Fish Prasad: A Cure For Asthma

Family claims to cure asthma effectively if patient take this for consecutively for three years which is being followed by a diet to cure in short span of time. It’s quite famous around the globe and Telangana Government makes special arrangements for this two day program.

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