Amazing facts that everyone should know

Our life is fully packed with mystical things which make us awe from time to time and you can’t just rule out the logical reason behind it. Below are few amazing facts that can actually make your eyes pop out:-

  • The human body is actually home to more life forms than actually presented on earth. 
  • Human babies don’t have the kneecap 
  • You will measure slightly taller in the early hours of morning 
  • There is a link from where you can actually download the Wikipedia and save it on a USB drive
  • The light you see after closing your eyes for a few moments is known as eigengrau. This means intrinsic grey.
  • The soothing smell coming from earth just after the rain is known as petrichor. It happens due to the oil combination with the by-product of a certain responsible for producing smell 
  • Sleeping in a cold room can actually help you in losing your body fat
  • Universe has got it’s own colour which is known as cosmic latte 
  • On an average a human yawns more than 10 times in a single day 
  • Women are likely to have more pain receptors than men 
  • The growth of your hair is connected with your ethnicity
  • It’s considered auspicious and linked with good luck if a Sumo wrestler make your baby cry 
  • Once a British man changed his name to PPPPPRICE only to make telemarketers harder to pronounce 
  • Jonas Salk rejected the offer to patent his polio vaccine .

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