Affordable Travel Destinations- Top 10 Best Places to visit in the World

Affordable travel destinations are indeed a main point of concern whenever you think of visiting a place. This is because every visitor would like to travel to more and more places whenever he visits. But when it comes to the high cost of travelling, people usually skip those places. So affordable travel destinations attract the attention of many more tourists than costly one. But here the point is how to find a destination which is both affordable and worth visiting. So reduce this burden and answer all your queries, I am drafting this article. Do read it till the end so as to find out your most suitable travel destination for your next vacation. 

Affordable travel destinations with Budget- $20-$40

If you are having this much budget, then you can visit below mentioned places for the vacations-

1.Affordable travel destinations- Vietnam

First one in the list of affordable travel destinations is Vietnam. In Vietnam, you can travel to different places via hired motorbike, buses or trains and that too at affordable rates. Besides this, you can have your favorite cuisines there at a much lower cost. For your knowledge, it offers the most tasty, healthy and cheap food. As long as you stay there for a few days, you can book a hotel at a reliable price. 

You can visit following places in Vietnam-

  • Phong Nha Town which is World’s Largest cave
  • Exciting and beautiful places in South east asia
  • Beautiful Landscapes of Tam Coc


Romania is one of the beautiful European cities where you can travel. Ranging from medieval towns and villages to spectacular parks, there is a lot more to see there. Also, you can enjoy mountain ranges, beautiful churches and various historical monuments. Besides this, you can have delicious food at very affordable rates there. Other than this, travel costs are much less in Romania. 

3.Affordable travel destinations- India 

India is another best and affordable travel destinations in the list for your vacation. It is one of the cheap countries to visit in the world in terms of food, travel and accommodation. As far as places to visit in India, there are no. of tourist attractions. You can visit historical monuments, museums, spectacular parks, gardens, churches, gurudwaras and mosques. India is known for its rich diversity. So you can enjoy and interact with people from almost all religions in India. Besides this, another interesting thing to enjoy there is it’s delicious and variety of Indian cuisines. Also, you can travel and book hotels to stay at very cheap rates. 


Next in the list is Poland, an European country. It is much more affordable than its other European countries. But the irony is that it is usually an underrated place among tourists. There are various towns and historical sites for tourist attractions. These are all places that are cheap and reasonable for visit. Besides this, Like India it also has a rich history and culture to know about. It has delicious food for foodie people visiting the country. Also, the travel and accommodation rates are also less in Poland. 

5.Affordable travel destinations- Nepal 

Like India, Nepal is also the cheapest country to visit. There are various places for tourist attractions. Some of its attractions are trekking, beautiful resorts and cheap plus mouthwatering meals. Besides this, local people there are very much humble and kind natured. Travel costs for this country are also very cheap for tourists visiting there. 

Affordable travel destinations with Budget- Above $40 

If your budget is above $40, then you can visit below mentioned places-

6.Affordable travel destinations- Mexico

If you are planning for the best places to vacation for your next outing, then Mexico can be surely considered among those spots. This is because there are various beautiful beaches for exploring at very affordable rates. There you can enjoy cheap food also of your choice. Besides this, if you are an adventure loving person, then it is the one which you can surely choose. Also, hotels are also available at affordable rates in Mexico. 


Turkey is another affordable travel destinations  for your vacations. It is a bit costly but yet a beautiful place to visit. You can visit beaches, caves and amazing bazaars there. Besides this, you can enjoy balloon rides here. You can enjoy delicious and mouthwatering Turkish dishes. Accommodation and travel budget is a bit costly for some places. 


Thailand is a costly yet amazing place to travel for your outing. You can enjoy yummy street food in Thailand. Though resorts in Thailand are a bit costly but yet they are luxurious and enjoyable one. Besides this, you can do hiking, visit temples and enjoy luxurious resorts as explained above.

9.Affordable travel destinations- Cambodia

Cambodia is a South East Asian country in the list of affordable travel destinations. This country is famous for its rich hospitality. Here you can visit architectural places, beaches and old temples. Ranging from cheap and mouth-watering food and affordable accommodation,there is a lot more for your attraction. Besides this, as mentioned earlier you can visit beautiful and nice places in Cambodia.  


Brazil is yet another best countries to visit. You can enjoy beautiful beaches, towns and mountains in Brazil. Besides this, you can enjoy these places at very cheap and affordable costs. You can even enjoy delicious food of your choice at reasonable rates here. 

Affordable travel destinations- Conclusion

So above discussed are some of the best vacation spots. You can choose any 1 of them as per your choice and likings. 









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