Visionary Architectural Ideas- Best 8 ideas to be Adopted for Future


Visionary Architectural ideas simply means to think of some unique and creative architectural ideas keeping in view of environment concerns. These ideas are becoming much required nowadays. This is because of the much prevalent corona pandemic. It had changed the mindset of almost more than half of the population. So due to this people are trying to shift to some new ideas. These ideas mostly are concerned with thinking of nature too along with fulfilling human desires. So let us know about some of those visionary architectural ideas which can be adopted. 

1. Visionary architectural ideas- Recycle

First Visionary architectural ideas is Recycling. It is the best way to protect the environment. Though we have adopted this technique in our daily life by trying to use recycled items. But this is less adopted in constructing buildings. So we can say that it must be adopted by constructing buildings in such a way that Recycling is adopted. Using Recycling materials is a sensible, practical and environmentally friendly decision. 

2. Reduce and Reuse

Reducing the waste content from buildings and reusing them must also be adopted as the next Visionary architectural ideas. This is because according to a survey the Building sector emits 40% of CO2 emissions. These emissions are both harmful for the Environment as well as humans. So for protecting the environment and humans, it is required to adopt reducing and recycling materials.

3. Visionary architectural ideas- Designing buildings without harming nature

We all know this fact that people usually destroy nature for constructing buildings. As a result, nature takes revenge in the form of earthquakes, floods and other natural calamities. So it would be a better option that we design buildings in such a way that it doesn’t harm nature. Japanese architect Junya Ishigami practically applied it for constructing Art Biotop Water Garden in Nasu, Japan. She moved 318 trees while constructing this garden. 

Also, one more architect Marina Tabaassum kept this in mind while designing Bait Ur Rouf Mosque in Dhaka by constructing this sacred place in the sunlight. So like this, we should adopt this as visionary architectural ideas.

4. Visionary architectural ideas- Public luxury

Luxury is also quite necessary while designing buildings. This is because it will attract more people towards your designs. Adding luxury to the buildings just means that you must add some unique items and areas which people like to enjoy. Like if you are designing a restaurant, you must design it in a unique way. You can add areas of resting room, gaming zone and music arrangement. All this will add luxury for the public and they will enjoy it. Also while designing Railways, you can add windows in such a way that outside landscapes can be easily viewed. This can be the best idea for visionary architecture. 

5. Material innovation

Another Visionary architectural ideas is Material innovation. This means that we should use such materials which are innovation. Here innovation means to mix materials in a more creative way. This is because it will help to reduce harmful impact on the environment. It will also help to protect the environment in the long run. For example, Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) can be used for designing buildings. This is a kind of lightweight plastic and causes very less or negligible impact on the environment. So you should use better world materials for designing buildings. 

6. Visionary architectural ideas- Using green technology 

In recent times, green technology is also becoming very popular. This means using eco-friendly technology in daily living. So you can use this technology for designing buildings. This can be one of the best ideas of the future. It will lead to less environmental impact and will also protect the environment in the long run. Also, Government is very much concerned about companies adopting Corporate social responsibility initiatives. Corporate social responsibility means that you should do something for the environment while working there. So adopting green technology can be a best Corporate social responsibility initiative by the companies. 

7. 3-D Environmental friendly models

This is another future city project ideas. You can opt for designing 3-D buildings. They are both unique and creative idea for the future. This will give your buildings a brand new look and will look more attractive. So this attractiveness will attract more customers towards the cities with these buildings. Hence this is very much required. 

8. Visionary architectural ideas- Considering Sustainability concept

Next, you must consider sustainability concepts while designing buildings. Sustainability concept means designing buildings in such a way that future generations will not get affected. So indeed this concept will help in protecting the environment for the future generation. 

Visionary architectural ideas- Conclusion

I have discussed above various ideas for adoption as best visionary architectural ideas  A Peek into Haunted Architectural Wonders of India for designing buildings. It would be very creative and unique ideas for adoption. Also some of them would help in environment protection as well which is the need of the hour. 

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