Amazon Forest Fire Tragedy

The continuous fire breakout in Amazon forest has stirred a panic like situation around the globe and outrage can be seen easily with everyone being so much distressed about the current situation of Amazon forest which is majorly responsible (Amazon Forest Fire Tragedy) for producing 20% of oxygen for the entire earth. It is the largest tropical forest in the world and is home to most animals and insects species in the entire globe. 

Amazon Forest Fire Tragedy

As per the Brazil’s National Institute of space research this year has been recorded with highest number of fires in the Amazon region since last 2010. Government has been doing several acts to control the situation like deployment of Brazil’s armed forces , warplane dumping water on burning tracts of Amazon but still the situation is out of control.  The president of Brazil has even ordered armed forces into Amazon in order to tackle this grave situation too. The reason cited behind such massive fire breakout is Bolsonaro’s encouragement of farmers and also due to loggers and ranchers to strip away the forest at a much faster pace. Though the wildfires and burning of deforested land are much common during the dry season in the Amazon area but it has reached its peak in this month. 

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