Azim Premji foundation donated for corona patient

Coronavirus pandemic is that the biggest crisis on the planet has seen in decades. It is claimed thousands of lives, displaced people from their homes, and wrecked economies beyond repair in certain cases. The Azim Premji Foundation, Wipro, and Wipro Enterprises together have committed an aid of Rs 1,125 crore for tackling the unprecedented health and humanitarian crisis arising from the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak

Azim Premji is one of India’s most generous billionaires.

All in all, it might be an irony to mention that the days are tough and involve the privileged section of the society to assist people that aren’t as fortunate.
Keeping that in mind, many billionaires across the planet have risen to the occasion and donated money. And it is a matter of pride to understand that India’s Azim Premji has made the third biggest contribution within the world.
According to the info compiled by Forbes. Likewise, 77 billionaires had donated to different causes to try to to with coronavirus relief till the top of April. Among these, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey donated the very best amount.

Dorsey has pledged to donate $1 billion, one-quarter of his fortune. He tweeted, “I’m moving $1B of my Square equity (~28% of my wealth) to #startsmall LLC to fund global COVID-19 relief”.Microsoft founder Gates alongside his entrepreneur wife Melinda Gates. She has donated 255 million US dollar to causes associated with Coronavirus.

Wipro committed ₹100 crore

The third-largest donation, consistent with Fobes, comes from an Indian. US billionaires dominated top 10 donations. However, IT Czar Premji is the only Indian on the list. The chairman of IT giant Wipro has donated $132 million (Rs 1,000 crore). He stands third among the highest billionaires within the world donating towards coronavirus pandemic relief.
Of the Rs 1,125 crore, Wipro’s commitment is Rs 100 crore. While Wipro Enterprises has committed Rs 25 crore. Instead, the Azim Premji Foundations are giving Rs 1,000 crore. He is the sole Indian within the list of top-10 biggest donations fortune released.

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