This Christmas, Serve Santa with Christmas cookies

Who’s excited to welcome the breezy feel of Christmas, talking of Christmas don’t forget Santa Claus along with Santa there comes bundles of joy and gifts. But have thought what are going to serve (List of top Christmas cookies) Santa if he does visit you? We have a great answer try some yummy cookies you can find no bake Christmas cookies, unique Christmas recipe, top Christmas cookies that will blow your mind. So here we are, with list of top Christmas cookies.

1- Classic Christmas cookies

If you are in search of some unique Christmas recipe then this cookie is something that you get to make once in a year. Eating them will remind you of your childhood where you enjoyed it with your mouth making dirty. They are made of some chocolate added to the flour with little chunks of Gems chocolate.

2- Drop cookies

The another one in our list of top Christmas cookies are drop cookies. Now this is the cookie which everyone used to love. It’s easy to prepare just mix, drop, bake and your are good to go. You can use peanut butter, some chocolate and vanilla as you like.

3- No bake millionaire’s shortbread bars

The next cookies on our list of top Christmas cookies is no bake millionaire’s shortbread bars. If you are excited to try some unique Christmas recipe then you must try this one. They don’t require baking you just have add caramel and chocolate and it will be ready like homemade twix.

4- Mint chocolate no bake cookies

The next cookies we have on the list of no bake Christmas cookies is Mints chocolate no bake cookies. Go with flow of your mood and add chocolate on top of some coloured candies. You can also add some extra flavor using buttercream, almond, coconut etc.

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