Bollywood an OTT platform struggling to form a pair

The second and quite deadly wave of corona virus has made OTT platform valuable. Last year when corona virus made entry into the living world, OTT platform stood out to be the only source of entertainment for many. Over the top (OTT) refers to film and television content provided via a high-speed Internet connection rather than a cable or satellite provider.

There are many directors who are still trying to figure out wheather to release their film online or not. Big Bollywood superstars still putting hold on their big films. Salman khan’s Radhe is the only big movie which is going to release on OTT platform for now.

Impact of corona pandemic on Movies and OTT dilemma :-

The bad effect on Bollywood movies of Corona pandemic has been very clear. Most affected of them are movies of big superstars. Radhe, Salman’s most awaited movie is going to get released on various platform on the occasion of Eid. The movie will be released in Theatre and on OTT platform as well.

People have to pay some extra money to watch Radhe on OTT platform. Last year movie like khaali peeli and The power was released on the basis of PPV. PPV means Pay Per View.

Actually in 2008, there was a discussion between PPV and D2H upon this model and it was expected that this will increase the revenue. But because of mutual misunderstanding this model hasn’t came into action.

Year 2019 turn out to be game changer for OTT Platform:-

Last year because of corona outbreak OTT platform gained tremendous popularity. It will not be wrong if we say that only OTT platform enjoyed the Corona pandemic. During lockdown last year the first movie that was released on OTT platform was Gulabo-Sitabo. The movie was released on Amazon Prime video.

After the success of Gulabo-Sitabo, many other movies were released on various online platform. Netflix, Alt Balaji, Sony Liv, Amazon Prime video are few examples of some top OTT platform. Along with Bollywood movies many web series were also made and released.

People enjoy watching things online. This is because many expenses gets reduced. And nowadays people are sliding towards Web series. Web series are more enjoyable than Movies because it binds up the audience more. The most important thing is content and web series comes up with versatility.

Directors and Actors still can’t adopt OTT platform:-

After successful released some mid budget movies on online platform it was expected that some big budget movies will also be released online. But the dilemma continues. Producers of big budget movies still can not able to fully trust OTT platform.

There is no real news over the revenue generated by the films which has been released online last year. Everything now depends upon Salman’s Radhe. The news which is regulating in the market is that the deal is done for around 230-250 crores. But many film critics is not sure about this.

Many other movies are also in waiting list. Bunty aur Babli 2, Hathi mere Sathi, Chehre, No means No and Satyamev Jayate are some movies which can be released online. But the release of all these movies will hugely depend up on the success of Radhe.

Akshay Kumar, Actor with many worries:-

As well all know, Akshay is most hard working actor of B-Town. He release atleast 3 to 4 movies every year. And currently Akshay kumar has a long list of movies which is waiting to get released.

Last year Akshay’s Suryavanshi was scheduled to released but was postponed due to corona outbreak. Another Akshay starrer Bell Bottom is on the cards. Akshay has completed shooting of three other movies as well. Atrangi Re, Prithviraj and Bacchan Pandey are those three movies. He is currently busy in shooting his next movie Ram Setu.

So if the situation gets under control tomorrow, Theater will be occupied for Akshay’s movie for almost a year. According to some old movie critic, movie with normal content can earn upto 30-40 crores when it gets released online. And if any movie has good content, nice music then it can touch around 60-70 crores. The problem starts here.

Akshay Kumar’s last 10-15 movies has generated on an average around 100 crores on box office. That is why the producers of the films are hesitating in releasing the film online because they will definitely going to suffer loss.

What future has for bollywood and OTT platform together?

While talking about future predictions we can not ignore the fact that in present times Bollywood and OTT platform are struggling to form a pair. But if this pandemic continues Bollywood will have to come up with some idea through which they can cope with OTT platform.

For small and mid budget movies it is not difficult to partnership with online platform. But for movies having budget around 80-100 crores it is a problem. Earning over 100 crores through OTT platform seems to be very difficult in recent times. And in near future it quite impossible for Online platform to cover this huge gap.

There must be way to get through this problem. Bollywood must be looking for this. It will not be surprising if someone from B-Town come up with some unique idea to overcome the current situation.

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