PUBG Comeback- A Big Good news for PUBG Fans


PUBG is a famous among various known Online battle game. Its popularity can be seen by this fact that it is popular mostly among all age groups. This has more than 50 million users in India. So we can easily judge how popular it is by this fact. Besides this, there are many other features which makes this game a popular one. 

Some of these features include- 

  • It is a multiplayer game and very easy to download and play.
  • This provides the best online battlefield to play.
  • You can play with as many friends as you wish.
  • It enhances gaming powers and provides a real time gaming experience.
  • Besides this, a voice chat option is always available for online talk while playing.

So due to above features only, it gathered much larger audience. But few circumstances happened which led to its ban since 2 September, 2020. Wait but there is also some good news now. A news is coming about its comeback. So in this article, let us know about reasons why it went banned and the news about its comeback. 

Banned by Indian government

First, let us know about the reasons for its ban. Though it is very much popular among all age groups in India. But due to some reasons it got banned in India. Along with PUBG, many more Chinese apps were banned. Let us know about some of those reasons-

1.PUBG Connection with China  

There were many conflicts and rifts with China in 2020 that Indian Government has decided to ban 118 Chinese apps including PUBG.  The main reason was that Tencent games, the official distributor of the game, was a Chinese company. So first they have said notice to the owner to cut connections with China. But when it was observed that they had not done that, Indian Government banned that. So it can be said as the first reason for the PUBG ban.

2.Banned under Section 69 A of Information Technology Act, 2000 

According to Section 69 A, something which is prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, the security of the state and public order. So it was observed that these apps are coming under this section. As a result, it got banned according to this section in view of India’s integrity and sovereignty. 

3.PUBG- Addictive game

Another reason which was responsible for its ban was its addictive feature. You can continue to play this game 24*7. So this was so addictive that people played it the whole day. No doubt, older people are more mature and take a break. But what for the younger children. They just try to play it all the time without taking a break.

4.Negative effect on health and studies

As mentioned above, it is an addictive game for children. So it was observed that it causes negative effects on both their health and studies. They just don’t concentrate on their studies and keep on playing it the whole day. Also, as per 1 news, a boy also died due to nervous breakdown as he was continuously playing it for a long time. So it can be noticed that it was much noticed that it is bad for health. Thus, it can be said as another reason for its ban. 

PUBG Comeback 

Now let us know about some good news for all PUBG fans. Though it has not been officially announced yet. But a Video creator has given hints about its comeback through a video. He also mentioned that the Indian Government has finally given permission to PUBG mobile’s Indian subsidiary. This has become possible because it has disconnected his Chinese connection with Tencent Games. 

Besides this, PUBG mobile games themselves gave a much strong hint. It was through their official you tube channel. They have released 3 teasers of the Indian version of PUBG game on their You tube channel on 29 April, 2021. It was also observed that it was made private in a few minutes. But before that only it got viral and gave a very strong hint for its comeback. 

Also, it is also true that the viral You tube videos haven’t mentioned the date of launch. But no doubt it gave a bigger hint of its comeback super soon. It is expected to launch in May month or maximum June. Also, it is also expected that PUBG Mobile India has many more new and exciting features. Some of its features include-

  • Dressing of the game players in the new version will be somewhat different.
  • Also, it is expected that the blood color will change to green from original green. 

Above are only a few new features. You can expect many more exciting features from its new version. 

Summing up

I would just say to all PUBG fans that there is very big good news for you all. So just wait for its launch date with a lot more new and exciting features. 


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