Second wave of corona virus – how bad it is for people and for country


India is currently dealing with second wave of corona virus. Things are getting more worse day by day for the country. The central government has failed miserably in taking care of the situation. People of the country have also not taken the necessary precautions because of which India is currently going through very rough phase. The situation is quite serious now. Number of positive cases are rising everyday. India is currently dealing with many problems because of corona virus. As the number of cases are increasing, people are unable to find ventilators for their loved ones. Country has a shortage of oxygen. So many people have lost their life just because they did not get the oxygen on time. Although there is some positive news as well, people are getting recovered with the same rate as well. Lets have brief look into this very serious matter. You can get more information related to corona virus on official website for corona update in India.

What is second wave of corona virus?

Second wave actually means spreading of corona virus again in the country. As we all know last year in the month of march whole India was shut down because of the corona pandemic. That was the first time when corona virus arrived in India. Lockdown lasted for more than 3 months and then government decided to pull things back slowly. People thought that this will be the end of corona virus as our country was ready with vaccine and vaccination was also getting started. But then how this second wave came into existence, how the situation got more worse?

Reason behind corona re-spreading:-

There are a number of main reasons behind the corona virus recurrence. Neither the people of the country nor the central government of the country can be held responsible for this individually. The biggest reason behind re-spreading of corona is the negligence of the people. When the corona virus cases were reduced in the country for the first time, then people felt that the corona virus may have ended now. But we were all wrong. Due to the reduction in Corona case, people had stopped taking precautions. Everyone started travelling without masks and sanitizer.

It is not only the fault of the people. Along with people the Central Government of India was support cast in spreading the corona virus. Elections were held in many parts of the country. The big leaders held rallies, which gathered a large crowd. It was not taken care at all that due to all these, the corona virus infection can spread again among the people. Meanwhile, Mahakumbh was organized in Haridwar, where devotees gathered from all over the country.

How bad is this second wave for the people and country?

Let us know how dangerous Corona’s second wave is. This time corona infection is proving very dangerous for the people. Last time, people were recovering from corona virus quickly, but this time it is not the case. People’s problems are constantly increasing. Many people are lacking oxygen after getting infected from corona virus. And because of lack of oxygen they are in need of ventilator immediately.

There is a shortage of ventilators in our country at this time, because the demand for ventilators is also increasing as new cases are coming up every day. There is also a shortage of oxygen. People are having trouble in breathing. There are many medicines, which have been lacking. This time the infection is spreading very fast and still everybody showing carelessness.

How to avoid second wave of corona?

Now the biggest question before the people is how to avoid the corona virus again. So we would like to tell you that the only way to avoid corona virus is now that you follow all the protocol given by the government. Use a mask whenever you get out of the house. Please do not leave the house if there is no important work. Sanitizing the hand whenever you touch anything in public. Avoid going to the public place. Your alertness can save you from corona virus infection. The government cannot do anything alone. Until the people of the country do not support the central government, the transition of Corona will continue to hurt our country.

As you all must be seeing that gradually everything in the country is getting scarce. In such a situation, if you get infected, you will also need oxygen and ventilator, which is very less in the country. In such a situation, you may not get oxygen and ventilator at the time of need, due to which you may also have to lose your life. Therefore it is necessary to go out of the house only for important work and whenever you get out of the house go with full vigilance and caution. Also eat food which boosts your immunity.

Is lockdown last option?

Many people believe that lockdown is now the last resort to save the country from the corona virus infection. But let us tell you that the state of the country can get worse by applying lockdown. The last time when the country was under lockdown, the country’s economy got under the woods. And now if this is done again, perhaps the country will never emerge again from such bad conditions. Therefore, the Central Government is not yet considering a lockdown.

Hence, it is important that people support the government completely, so that the country can be saved from lockdown and the country’s economy will not be affected too much. All of us together can overcome this problem. This is not the time to criticise the government, but to support the government.

Blaming is easy but doing is actually very difficult. There is no country in the world who’s health system was ready to deal with this type of pandemic. Almost all the countries have failed during the first wave. India has population of more than 1.3 billion and that’s not an easy job. Don’t blame, instead find the solution and if possible please help the government. We will get over this bad situation very soon. Everyone just have to stay positive and spread positivity.



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