Boy’s locker Room : Delhi schoolboy held over

Boy’s locker room, you might have heard this word or seen about it a lot during these past two days. Where Instagram is flooded with many screenshots and group chats room with absurd language and words.

The first question that arises is what is exactly this boy’s locker room?

Recently, a series of disturbing boys group chat was exposed by a South Delhi girl. A group named, boys locker room got all the attention due to its objectionable languages, morphed images and lewd comments on girls. They not only objectified women but also used absurd language and planned rapes.

Although there are two different cases reported, one medium was Instagram and other was snap chat. The tweet and Insta stories got many responses. The group chat had people who were either classmates, friends and knowns. What is even more shocking is that the girls about whom they were talking are all underage. This matter got so much hyped that police had to come in between.

The other incident is about how a few boys in the group were planning about gang rape. They were promoting rape culture quoting “We can rape her easily” or “I will come whenever you say. We will gang rape her”. However, these claims are not verified yet.

The Insta users shared the screenshots of the user id as well and since, then, many Instagram accounts have either gone inactive or have changed their user name.


Cybercrime cell police have identified a 15-year-old boy who named 26 other boys and their mobile phones have been taken away. Police have asked Instagram to share the Ip address of all the accounts so that they can trace the boys easily.

This incident has led us to many questions. What made these boys of the age group 15-18 years do this? Who is to be blamed?

Sex education is a taboo in our society and no one wants to talk about it. In our school, we are not taught about it and as a result, these boys end up in such groups or porn sites. Women safety and security has been an issue for overages now. Each day either a case of molestation or rape is reported.

There are many groups, many chats where women are objectified, and lewd comments are passed on them. Is it because of the easily accessible technology these kids think they can easily say or do anything? The fight is not against gender, but the fight is against the direction in which our society is heading, it is about how much women are safe? It is about a toxic mentality that is killing our society.


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