10 Interesting facts about the USA

From great art galleries to museums to statue of liberty to theme parks, the USA has such a wide variety. It is a country of unexpected places to explore. Be it the city of San Franciso or New York, you cannot take your eyes off from the beauty.

But, do you know about the quirky side of America. Yes, you read it right. Here are the quirky and ten interesting facts about the USA.

 Facts about the USA -CORNS AND CORNS

You will be amazed to know that there is a place in the USA which is completely made out of corns. Yes, it is similar to a corn place. We read about a chocolate house in the stories but the USA has its’ corn house.


The place of the tallest mountain, Alaska in the USA was once in Russia. Later, it was sold off to the American army. American Army purchased it at $7.2 million in 1867. This place is the home of many National and Zoological parks.


Do you know about the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco? Yes, the bridge is one of the best landmarks. Every year Golden Gate Bridge gets a makeover every year.


New York has so many hidden places. Indeed, you can explore the entire streets and would end up finding a whole new corner. and one of the USA facts.


In Houston, Texas you will be surprised to see the big structures of Presidential heads. These heads are 15 metres high, isn’t it amazing? With it, you will find Houston soap opera, historicals districts and theatre district.


Do you know that Americans consume 3 billion pizzas in a year? The pizza originated in Italy but, American love pizza so much. 60% of the American order food at least once a week.


The USA’s current flag was originally designed by a 17-year-old kid. Yes, Robert G. Heft designed it for a school project. He was given grade B initially but when the flag was accepted by the Congress, he got A.


James and Mary are the most common names in the USA whereas Smith is the most common surname. About 1% of the total population has Smith as their surnames.


There is an official rock paper scissors league. In this game fist represents rock, the flat hand represents paper, open index finger and middle finger represents scissors. The game goes on like rock crushes scissors, scissors cut paper and rock is wrapped inside the paper.


McDonald hires around 1million workers every year. One out of eight people works in McDonald.It is the largest networking chain not only in the USA but, worldwide.

The USA is the most developed and country and has the largest economy in the world. But, these are some of the facts about the USA and quirky facts that we bet you might have not known.

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