Breastfeeding Mothers Can Now Take COVID Vaccine

Can breastfeeding mother take covid vaccine?

The corona virus is rapidly sweeping across the globe. This has eventually leading to an increase in stress, fear and worry amongst the people. In order to tackle this deadly virus medical fraternity across the world is finding cure for same. similar fear the breastfeeding mothers are facing.

Sadly as per the statistics the health of pregnant ladies is much disturbing. The recent study   by the ICMR says that pregnant and postpartum ladies are mostly affected during second wave of Covid-19. Moreover, the Cases of fatality rates and symptomatic cases are much higher this year.

Amidst this critical situation the government of India has made certain announcements. It is approving the pregnant women to take coved vaccine.  The Union Health Ministry is accepting recommendations from National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization that vaccine is safe for pregnant ladies. hence, breastfeeding mothers need not to fear upon.

This decision of the government is been circulating to all states and Union Territories for implementation of same. This act is being happening under the ongoing National Covid Vaccination Program.

Government Allows Breast Feeding Mothers to take Covid Vaccine

The ministry emphasizes the women to make an inform decision for herself regarding the coved vaccination. It’s quite important in terms to the good health of both mother and baby. It’s high time to know about coved vaccine and pregnancy.

Since then there is much talk over subjects like coved vaccine and pregnancy.  The ongoing failure elf vaccine implementation is one of primary reason of same. However, there are cases of certain side effects after taking vaccines.

Though in most cases they range from mild to moderate. Even they shall last for short term period only. People are complaining of suffering from fever, fatigue and mild chest pain. Even some people are complaining about having pain in the injection area. moreover, the lactating mothers are in much state of confusion for same reasons. Their major concerns do revolve around impact of vaccine on their breast milk supply. They fear on having any kind of impact on their newborn.

Breastfeeding  Mothers and Covid Vaccination

However, the Federation of Obstetric & Gynecological Societies of India (FOGSI) is giving approval for vaccination for lactating mothers. Even the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration sought the same permission.

However, such lactating mothers need to get education about the vaccination in order to make right decision. There is utter confusion in relation to coved vaccine and breastfeeding. Interestingly the pediatricians across the country do admit that vaccination for lactating mothers is beneficial.

It can provide the new born with anti bodies via breast milk. Eventually it shall lead to building up of immunity against the deadly virus in children. Both the vaccines in India are non-live vaccines. Hence, it shall not be passing on to breast milk or can be absorbing by babies.

However, it’s totally on the decision of the lactating mothers to take vaccine or not. They shall posses no side effects post the vaccination.  However, vaccination should not be the reason to discontinue breastfeeding at any point.

Covid Vaccine and Pregnancy

Even if you are pregnant still you can get doses of vaccines. It shall protect you and keep you on safe side from this deadly virus. The studies done do reveal that vaccine do not pose any kind of risk to the pregnant ladies.

Pregnant women do fear breast milk quality post the vaccine shot. They fear upon passing upon any kind of infection to their newborn baby. But the approval from the Union ministry is giving certain relaxation to all pregnant ladies.

What is the procedure of getting vaccination by pregnant ladies?

The pregnant lady can now register on the CoWin or may walk to nearest coved vaccination centre. Moreover, the procedures and modalities like registration and generation of certificate shall remain same. it is much similar  as of any 18 plus person.

Though initially and foremost you need to consult your doctor regarding your health status. They shall tell you whether it doesn’t possess any kind of harm to you. However, you should show the health care provider about any past history of the vaccination.

There is fully operational guideline for vaccination of pregnant ladies, counseling kit for medical officers and frontline workers. Plus, government is laying much attention on information education communication for general public for pregnant ladies.

Can vaccination posses any kind of side effect to the breastfeeding mothers?

Many ladies have confusion do there is link between coved vaccine and fertility?  Medical fraternity does say that coved infection during pregnancy result into worst health situation of woman. They are at higher risk of having severe diseases which can affect their fetus too.

In case the pregnant lady get infects with covid-19 infection then many bad consequences are in front of her. They may suffer from pre term delivery while accompanying other adverse pregnancy adversities. However, medical experts do emphasis that certain individual factors play major role.

These factors include pre-existing co-morbidities, advance maternal age and high body mass index. There is much link between the coved vaccine and breastfeeding.

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