Corona virus: What Are Social Distancing And Self Isolation Rules in US?


With the dawn of 2020, U.S.A had seen the black cloud of the pandemic novel COVID-19. Nowadays, from morning till night, we have been accustomed to two words, i.e. Social Distancing & Quarantine/Self Isolation.  With these two words, we are dealing everywhere likely in Television, newspaper, social media and browser. But do we know the actual meaning of these two words and what’s the significance?


The U.S.A president had given some knowledge about social distancing. In this section, we will have a look at the key points required for social distancing.

What is social distancing?

In recent times, social distancing has become a keyword for every citizen of the U.S.A.  In simple words, “social distancing” can be defined as maintaining physical distance with other people when you are outside. This distance can make our earth a better and safer place to live in.

social distancing

Key Points to remember

All our experts have given some directions to maintain social distancing:

  • You should keep at least 6 ft. Distance from other people in any outside place.
  • You can go out from home for essential commodities like medicines and groceries.
  • Stop travelling for office. Try to work from home.
  • You need to avoid any social gathering or crowd.

The main reason behind maintaining the “social distancing” is the virus that gets spread when you get in touch with a COVID-19 infected person. As it is hard to identify an infected person, so it’s better to maintain social distance from outsiders.

What do you mean by “self-isolation”?

In recent times, “quarantine” comes parallel with “self-isolation”. There is a thread-like gap between Quarantine and Self-isolation.  When any person gets exposed to an infected COVID-19 person unknowingly who has no symptoms, he needs to go for “Quarantine”. On the other hand, when you are aware that you have been exposed to an infected person, then self-isolation is the best solution.

self isolation

During this self-isolation, you need to restrict yourself in a single room away from your close ones. Secondly, you need to monitor yourself and take the necessary step before this leads you to any worse condition. You should not go out for groceries or medicines. Otherwise, this COVID-19 virus will get spread through you to another one. Thus “self-isolation” is required to break the chain of this spreading virus.

When do you require to do self-isolation?

U.S.A has directed all the citizens who are travelling from other countries, need to go for 14-days self-isolation. Even, if you are in New York, then also White House has directed you to stay at home and monitor yourselves.

Tips you must follow:

  • Use masks to stop the spread of the virus while coughing or sneezing.
  • Always use sanitizer or hand wash.
  • Try to disinfect your surroundings at home or work.
  • Avoid any type of social gathering.

Social Distancing And Self-Isolation Rules


Thus, self-isolation, as well as social distancing, becomes the ultimate benchmark in the study of COVID-19. You must be aware of the pandemic COVID-19 virus and the terms related to it.

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