Creamy Frozen Raspberry Mousse

We are heading towards summer with freaking hot weather. So, Cream Frozen Raspberry Mousse is surely a solution to break through this summer. This amazing Mousse can be served as a dessert at the end of any meal. This mouth-watering Creamy Frozen Raspberry Mousse is a delicious dessert during summers. It can be prepared deliciously with raspberries, icing sugar, egg whites or gelatine in a few minutes. This dessert comes with creamy and fluffy texture which makes your treat much more special.

How to prepare Creamy Frozen Raspberry Mousse?

We all know that mousse is incomplete without egg whites but you can prepare Creamy Frozen Raspberry Mousse without egg. Just you need to sprinkle gelatine instead of egg whites in the mousse preparation.

  • Total Time took: 30 minutes
  • Preparation time required: 10 minutes
  • Ingredients: Raspberry, icing sugar/ confectioners’ sugar, egg whites, gelatine, orange juice

Step 1:  Take a medium-sized bowl and place it into the freezer to freeze for further process.

Step 2: Grind the freshly taken raspberries until it becomes smooth. Pour out the raspberry puree into a bowl to segregate the seeds out.

Step 3: Whisk the smooth raspberry puree with the icing sugar/ confectionery sugar. Place it in a bowl. Kindly remember to cover the mixture with a plate in the freezer.

Step 4: Take the orange juice along with some gelatine in a pan. Stir them till gelatine gets dissolved. Hold the mixture for another 5 minutes.

Step 5: In the meanwhile, start beating the white part of eggs with an electric beater. Gradually add sugar in it and beat it again. You need to beat until the mixture of eggs and sugar becomes stiff and glossy foam.

Step 6: Take out the chilled empty bowl from the freezer and beat the whipped cream until it becomes soft. Add gelatine to left out the chilled raspberry puree and whisk it. Then add meringue to the puree and blend it. Don’t forget to blend in a bowl kept on ice cubes for good blending.

Step 7: First fold the meringue and then fold the cream with the help of a whisk. Then, scrape the tasty mousse to a decorative bowl.

Step 8: Take a plastic wrap and cover the bowl. Freeze the mousse in the freezer for about 6 hours till it becomes stiff.

  • Serving: For serving, you need to fill a bowl with hot water. Then take the mold and dip it in that hot water.  Invert a platter over the mold and jerk it for some time. You need to cut the mousse with a knife and serve it to your special ones. For better taste, you can serve it with freshly cut raspberries and mint leaves.

Why Creamy Frozen Raspberry Mousse is perfect for summers?

Creamy Frozen Raspberry Mousse is very much perfect for the upcoming summers because it can be a substitute for an ice-cream. Secondly, the chilling effect of Creamy Frozen Raspberry Mousse is a relief after taking meals during summers. This amazing and extravagant dessert is a must to serve on any occasion especially during hot summers.


So, want to treat your special ones with a mouth-watering dessert after lunch or dinner? Then Creamy Frozen Raspberry Mousse must be on the top of the list. This home-made & chilled mousse is quite easy to prepare. Just prepare and serve it at any occasion or festival. Everyone will like it!!

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