Are You Looking for Digital Marketing Jobs in 2020? Get Full List of Companies

Do you also wish to apply for digital marketing jobs in 2020 but don’t know where to find it? If you’re looking for an SEO executive job, google Adwords jobs, or SEO analysts job then here is a treat for you.

Where to find Digital Marketing Jobs in 2020?

Digital marketing jobs in 2020
Digital marketing jobs in 2020

The industry is growing at a fast pace and there is so much competition in the outside world. The rapid advancement in technology has made things even more complicated. With everything easily available online, people prefer to increase their knowledge of the trends on online platforms. Consequently, a virtual marketplace has emerged on the internet where people avail of their products and services to the consumers.

The market is more digital than ever and companies are trying to increase their presence online. Digital marketing refers to any content that is uploaded in the market including newsletters, advertisements, blogs, articles, news, notices, etc. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay-per-Click) are the two main tasks in Digital Marketing that help the search engine to rank your content above the other competitors.

Nowadays, marketing has become much easier on online platforms through keywords. So. people are actively hiring someone for PPC executive job and social media marketing job to do the task. But the problem arises as to where to find the content writer or digital marketing jobs 2020. There’s no need to worry because we’ve brought a full list of companies providing jobs in 2020.

Top Companies Recruiting Digital Marketing Jobs in 2020

In today’s world, the situation in the job industry is not what it used to be some years ago. The companies are looking for experienced candidates to fill the job vacancies. As a result, the freshers lag in the race and miss out on the chance to get the job. Moreover, due to COVID-19, a rapid decrease has been witnessed in terms of employment and work opportunities. The financial crisis has left the market in debt and eventually, the employees are not even getting paid on time. But this won’t last long as the companies have started appearing on digital platforms. They are hiring people to work on digital platforms to optimize their ranking on the search engines.

For your assistance, here is a list of companies providing jobs for digital marketing jobs in 2020.

Magic Reach Technologies Pvt Ltd

Located in Tamil Nadu, this company is providing jobs for candidates seeking a job in digital marketing. The job requires the experience of a minimum of a year and a bachelor’s degree. The candidate should be well-versed with planning, execution, and optimization of content on the digital platform. He should have the technical knowledge and should be creative to generate new ideas every day. Additionally, the candidate should have good communication and interpersonal skills besides an interest in marketing.

Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy, Bengaluru is hiring candidates for the job profile of a digital marketing associate. The ideal candidate should have some experience in HTML and CSS along with the technicalities of SEO Executive job. Moreover, the candidate must have experience in web performance optimization and should be able to work in a quick-paced environment.

Chatterbox Communications

Situated in Delhi, Chatterbox Communications is actively recruiting candidates who know about working on tools like Google Analytics and webmasters. The candidate should also have analytical and critical thinking skills along with the experience of a minimum of a year. He should be able to formulate online campaigns and handle content on various social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

AMS Digital

Located in Okhla Industrial Estate, Delhi, the company is looking for candidates for Amazon Marketing Executive. The candidate should be able to manage end-to-end activities on the Amazon account of their company. He should be able to run the email marketing campaign and work for a social media marketing job. Freshers can also apply.

Indian Holiday Pvt Ltd

The ideal candidate should be responsible for growing revenue through digital media. He should have the caliber of efficiently designing and executing marketing campaigns. After launching the campaigns, the task is to extract and analyze data across multiple channels. A candidate with the experience in handling Digital Marketing for the Travel & Tourism Industry is more likely preferred.

Surgical Avenue

Surgical avenue is a reputed company located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. it is hiring candidates for the task of creating ad campaigns and managing them. The task includes the generation of content to upload on Facebook and the website. He should be responsible for creating special campaigns like discount campaigns and other festive campaigns. Moreover, the task includes updating their products on platforms like Indiamart and Justdial.

Mackay Communications

Mackay Communications, Inc., is a marine electronics service and satellite communications company in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company has an opening for the job of SEO analysts and creative content writers. The ideal candidate should have the capability of driving new customers, revenue, and profit to the company by intelligently creating marketing campaigns. The responsibility also includes managing and updating the company’s website by writing and editing blogs and marketing content.

If you’re also among those seeking jobs in Digital marketing jobs 2020, we hope the article was helpful. So, without wasting a single second, go and apply for the job of your choice effortlessly. We wish you the best of luck!


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