Egyptian Culture

The Egyptian culture always stands out as an element of marvel. This is because of the unique traditions and customs that Egyptians treasure in heart. Here are some examples of the Egyptian culture. There is a famous Egyptian soup dish called Mulukhiya, on cooking it, at some point (Egyptian Culture) the cook has to do what is known as “Shah’et El Mulukhiya” which simply means gasping some air and making a noise as if astonished while adding the garlic to the cooking pot. This gasp is believed by the Egyptians to add an exceptional taste for the Mulukhiya.

If an Egyptian invited at home and gave you a glass of juice, you should drink it all; because the Egyptian culture believes that not finishing your drink is a bad omen especially if they have daughters, because it would mean that their girls will not get married. Another interesting tradition is known as “daa’ El Hon” which means drumming a small pot used for mincing garlic. This habit is related to what is known as “suboo’”. A “suboo” is a party held to celebrate the arrival of a newborn baby and “daa’ El Hon” has to take place where usually the Grandma would repeat some famous sentences like “listen to your mom more than your dad, Don’t listen to your uncle..etc” this is all for sense of humor. “Step in with your right leg” is a sentence used by Egyptians whenever they are entering a new place, especially when the bride is about to enter her husband’s house.

Egyptians believe that stepping in with your right leg means aiming for good luck and blessings. What is more fun is that spilling your coffee would actually (Egyptian Culture) mean a good sign to the Egyptians and that something good is going to happen! Egyptian culture is worth looking at!

“Step in with your right leg” 

“El Hon” the pot used for mincing garlic 

A drawing that shows an Egyptian “Suboo’” and “Daa’ El Hon”

When an Egyptian offers you juice at home, you have to finish the whole glass or it would mean bad omen for their unmarried daughters

Egyptian Coffee

Spilling coffee


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