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Are you a biker by heart??? Are you planning a dream bike trip through the roads of Leh-Ladakh? Then you are absolutely in the right place. We are always here to help you out. Here we will recommend some great tips for your dream (leh ladakh bike trip route) trips. Note the tips so that you can have a phenomenal bike trip experience in heaven on earth and no doubt that is Ladakh.

We know that most of the enthusiastic biker wants to experience a trip to Ladakh by bike at least once in his/her life. But, you must be aware of the fact that the unpredictable weather and rugged territory of Ladakh can challenge you both physically and mentally at any time. That is why you must be prepared before you enter into the most challenging route. After keeping your first step, narrow curvy roads will welcome you there. Driving through those roads is not only tough but adventurous too. The snow-capped Karakoram mountain ranges, blossomed meadows, green valleys, some ancient monasteries will also add a different dimension and more happiness to your expedition. But before planning your trip, you must have to keep some points on your mind.

Choose the right season

You can plan your bike trip to Ladakh during the summer and autumn only. Mid-May to October, this time is considered as the best time for this road trip. The Manali to Leh road opens only after May, whereas the Srinagar route gets opened around the middle of May.

Know the route

Here, you will get two different routes. One is from Srinagar to Leh (approx 434 KM) and the other one is from Manali to Leh (approx 476 KM). At the very beginning, you need to decide one of them according to your comfort and capabilities.

Most of the bikers who prefer adventures like to have the Manali route. The reason is the dangerous terrains and some world’s highest motorable passes. But, we would like to recommend the Srinagar Route rather than the steep climbing. This route also helps you to reach quickly.

Carry extra petrol and the spare parts

You will not get petrol stations or mechanic garage frequently on the way. So, always try to carry an extra 10–20 liters of petrol along with you. Besides, never forget to keep such emergency parts like spare tubes, puncture kit, air pump, spare fuses, spare clutch cables, accelerator cables, chain lock, bungee cords, and extra headlight bulbs.

Keep the protective biking gears

Safety always comes first. Here, we have listed out some biking gears for your safety, like – helmets, elbow and knee guards, riding jackets, weather-proof gloves and shoes, reflective clothing, and UV protective sunglasses. Check this list out before packing your backpack for the Ladakh trip.

Don’t be cashless

Looking for an ATM in this way will not be a wise option. Moreover, most of the street vendors or local shops may not accept your card for very obvious reasons. So, try to carry enough cash with you while traveling to Ladakh.

Network connection

It is indeed an unpredictable difficult ride. So, you should inform your family or friends in every 7 -8 hours about your location. You can depend on local STD booths. Else, you have to go for an MTNL or BSNL post-paid connection. BSNL post-paid connection works well throughout Leh.

Keep the documents near you

Keep your original driving license, all bike papers along with PUC, and the valid registration documents near you. To travel through Leh, you will need to show an Inner Line Permits paper. You can collect this document from the DC office of Leh.

Keep enough food supplies 

Always carry some food essentials like chocolate bars, easy to cook oats or noodles, glucose, biscuits, chips, and other high-protein food items with you to retain energy.

Avoid being the victim of mountain sickness

During your journey, several points of time at a higher altitude will push you to face the Acute Mountain sickness. It may include such symptoms as a stomach illness, headache, fatigue, and dizziness. People with low immunity power may not be able to cope up with the unpredictable weather changes.

You will need to prepare yourself to deal with this ACM. Try to enhance your endurance power by having regular exercise or yoga before your Ladakh trip. But, the moment finally you reach the high altitude of Leh, try not to do any types of physical exercises.

Complete health check-up is just before you start your gear for this trip. It is advisable to avoid this trip for the people who have asthma, heart ailments, and high blood pressure.

Stay hydrated

Keep yourself enough hydrated throughout the whole tour. You must drink a minimum of 3–4 liters of water every day. Never forget to keep (leh ladakh bike trip route) a leak-proof reusable filtered water bottle in your backpack. If you want to drink the local water, the filtered bottle is a must to survive in that place. Else, you can carry the packaged water bottle.

Take enough halts

You need not rush or run on a tight schedule. Any kind of over-exert can deteriorate your body’s endurance and capabilities. So, take enough halts and intervals according to your needs. It is the only way that can make your Ladakh Bike trip successful. So, keep a few days extra in your hand.

Avoid sleeping at higher altitudes

The oxygen level of the air decreases with the altitude. So, when you will reach a high altitude, avoid sleeping. If you fall asleep, the low oxygen level can affect your brain functioning and muscle structure.

Avoid smoking and drinking

Respiratory problems or breathing trouble may arise when you travel through the higher altitudes. And, consuming alcohol and tobacco can make your trouble more difficult. So, say a big NO to smoking and drinking.

Finally, pick a suitable bike

So, now when you have almost completed your plan to ride through one of the toughest roads in the world, it’s time to choose your bike. For all the reasons which have discussed above, you must choose a bike with (leh ladakh bike trip route) some advanced features. The Enfield Bullet, Royal Enfield 350C, and the Pulser bikes are good to go option for this bike ride to Leh Ladakh. But, before you leave for the expedition, get your bike fully serviced and make sure all the parts of your bike are working fine.

What’s now? Do we hope you are ready to take the upcoming challenges of your dream trip? We wish you all luck and wishes for your expedition. Stop worrying. Explore Ladakh and share your experience.

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