Real History of Christmas

Christmas is an annual festival surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ. It is mainly observed on December 25 as religious and cultural celebrations among billions of people in the world. The season of advent or nativity fest succeeds the feast central to the Christmas liturgical year which historically lasts twelve days (how is christmas celebrated) and culminates on the night of 25th. The nativity of Christmas in its new testament states that Jesus was born in Bethlehem by messianic prophecies.

Christmas Celebrations around the World

Great Britain: In Great Britain people celebrate Christmas together so that they can see their presents openly. Most of the houses bear Christmas tree with the family members helping in decorating it. Christmas tree was first popularized in the UK by Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria. Holly, Ivy, Mistletoe are also used sometimes for decoration. Most of the cities and villages are decorated by Christmas lights and a famous person usually switches them on.

Australia: In Australia Christmas comes at the beginning of summer holidays so many people favor camping during Christmas. There are quite a lot of bush fires in the country during Christmas as it is hot. Australians hang wreaths on their front door and go on celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve singing the Christmas Carol.

Bangladesh: In Bangladesh, December 25 is observed as a holiday even though only 0.3% of the total population is Muslim. This day is observed as ‘Borodin’. On this day big shops and houses are decorated in Western styles with fake snows and Christmas trees. People also exchange greetings cards. 

Argentina: In Argentina, during Christmas its warm and celebrations start early December or even sometimes in November. People belong to Catholic too there and they celebrate advent. Houses are beautifully decorated in white, red, green, and blue. Christmas trees are decorated by 8th December as Catholics celebrate (how is christmas celebrated) the day when Mary was conceived. Snow is represented by cotton balls by some people in the Christmas trees.

Canada: Canada is a huge country and people with different cultures and religious beliefs live there. Many of the Christmases tradition came from England, Spain, and France. Many people open their received gifts and some open their stockings. They like to decorate houses with lights and Christmas trees and some put stockings hung by the fire for Santa.

Why We Celebrate Christmas

Japan: Japan has been celebrating Christmas for only the last few decades. Now they adopting several customs form the USA like giving cards, presents. In Japan Christmas is more a time to spread happiness rather than celebrating a religious function. It is more celebrated as Valentine’s Day as young couples go on a walk to see the lights and have a romantic meal as dinner.

India: In India Christmas is a smaller festival due to a relatively low Christian population in comparison to people of other religions. Most of the Christian population is located in Mumbai. Most of them are Roman Catholics. In Goa, 26% of the population is Christian. Midnight mass is a very important part of Christmas and the whole family will walk in the mass.

Pakistan: In Pakistan, December 25th is a holiday in the memory of Mohd. Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. Christians form a very small part of the population, as many as 5 million of the 162 million people of Pakistan. Most of the Christian Community in Pakistan is not so wealthy. During Christmas and Easter, a large procession takes from Lahore to St. Paul’s Cathedral church. At the time of advents, spiritual ceremonies occur to help people celebrate Christmas.

In the recent scenario, Christmas is not only a religious festival (how is christmas celebrated) but also a cultural festival of all the people of the world which helps to bring happiness in the faces of the people.

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