Super fun facts about Labrador Retrievers

If you love to keep a pet, Lab will win your heart, for sure. This fun-loving, super active fellow will become your family member in a very short time. Their adorable nature and loyalty make them immensely popular around the world. Find out more fun facts about them –

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1.   Labrador retrievers come from Newfoundland, not from Labrador

Today’s Labs are the joint breed of the Newfoundland and St. John’s and they do not come from the actual lab. Usually, their life span is from 10 to 12 years on average.

2.   Labs are good swimmers

Labradors have an otter-like tail and webbed toes which make them great swimmers. They have a sleek, two-layered, waterproof oily coat that repels water and also keeps them insulated.

3.   Labrador Retrievers are outstanding sports participants 

These fun-loving dogs are very enthusiastic about sports. They have lots of stamina and they are full of energy which makes them amazing sports performers. 

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Their soft mouths make them great retriever. So, easily they can carry things without causing any damage. 

4.   Labradors are the most intelligent dog 

They are also very intelligent, easy to train and response very well during the training period. Their intelligence and versatility make them excellent in rescue work, narcotics detection, tracking anyone, and so on.

5.   Labs have an amazing capacity to learn

In 2015 the Guinness World Records said that a Labrador named Armstrong detected with diabetic episodes. He got trained to smell the chemical changes of people during their low blood sugar.

6.   Labs can be used effectively as a guide or in therapy 

Labrador retrievers prove their excellence as a guide dog, service dogs, and therapy dogs. Usually, black labs are successful competitors and yellow labs tend to be a police dog. 

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7.   Labrador retrievers have a strong memory 

Labs are the most successful breed that is used for guidance as they have a super-strong memory. That is why they can assist the disabled efficiently. 

As an example – Once a Lab named Jimpa got lost. After wandering a lot, finally, she came back to her home. She walked about 3128 Km around the street of Australia. 

8.   Labs are a good hunter and a great companion

Labs are also famous for their hunting ability since the 19th century. Not only this they are also great companions. They always keep themselves engaged to please their master every time. These dogs are extremely family-oriented with the mild-tempered and cute personality. 

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Once, a Labrador retriever lover is always Labrador retriever lover. These dogs tend to stay around their master all the time and always try to impress them with their consciousness, caring nature which will make you fall in love with them in no time.

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