Why KAJAL is becoming out of fashion?

No doubt the authentic and real kajal made of real ingredients have absolute healing and benefitting results for eyes. Once and still today kajal remains one of the way to beautify your eyes and facial feature. But now the trend of applying kajal has been on downwards graph and most women are now opting out without kajal. Let’s know the reasons behind this downwards trend of kajal :-

  • No more of being messy

Most women end up in smudging up the kajal at the end of day which eventually make them look even more horrible. Instead gel eyeliner are in trend that doesn’t stick to your waterline as compared to kajal.

  • Often doesn’t suit one

Being self conscious about beautifying eyes most people end up in applying every beauty product on eyes just to look glamorous without realising the fact that it may not suit them. Most people don’t really need the kajal to be applied they may try other eye beauty product to enhance beauty of eyes.

  • Kajal obsession took a fade

Kajal are go to make up product which can be founded in every girls purse but gradually the obsession of kajal is fading out plus it mostly adds to the spreading it all adding to dark circle . Being natural can be more beautiful and most girls now switch up to applying mascara to get wide eyes and eyelashes.

  • Kajal may make your eyes look small

Not stepping without kajal was daily job until you realise you have been making mistake all your life without realising that kajal only ends up in making your eyes look more small. So ditching kajal can make you look you more better and no more tension of smudging kajal all over your face.

  • Stepping out of comfort zone

The fear of being judged upon often let us do the thing we long back wanted to do. Switching on from one beauty products to other can be the wisest choice you can make in order to enhance your beauty. So be bold enough if you find any makeup product is just lowering your beauty effect instead of adding beauty to your face.

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