What are the Dolls?

It is a model of a human which is used as a toy for children. It is made of materials such as clay, wood, plastic. Here are some famous dolls which have negative spirit in them. (haunted dolls)

  • Okiku Doll

It is a mysterious doll which is possessed by the spirit of a child in Japan for decades. This doll was named after the girl for who use to play with it. It is 40-centimeter i.e. 16-inch tall and has a kimono-clad figure with beady black eyes and hair that grows. The Okiku doll is originated from Mannenji temple in the town of Iwamizawa since 1938. Temple believes that at initial stage doll had short-cropped hair, but as time passes her hair started to grow and had an extra length of about 25-centimeters i.e. 10-inch long. Although at the initial stage the hair was periodically trimmed they reported that the hair keeps on growing back.

  • The Hands Resist Him

This painting was firstly displayed by the Weingarten Gallery in Beverly Hills, California, during the early 1970s.

One-man Stoneham
brought up it to the gallery as a piece, which was reviewed by the art critic
at the Los Angeles Times. During the
show, the painting was purchased by actor John Marley
who is notable for his role as Jack Woltz in The Godfather. After Marley’s death, the painting was found
on the site of an old brewery, by an elderly Californian couple. According to
the seller, the painting carried some form of curse or it is haunted. Some
claimed that the characters in the painting moved during the night, and sometimes
they also leave the painting and enter the room in which it was being
displayed. Some incidence shows the female doll character threatened the male
character with a gun that she was holding, causing him to attempt to leave the


Some people also
claimed that just viewing the photos in the painting made them feel ill or have
some kind of unpleasant experience. Stoneham recalls that both the owner of the
gallery in which the painting was first displayed and the art critic who
reviewed it, died within one year of coming into contact with the painting.


  • Sarita

It was a harmless
doll which was dubbed as the “Peruvian Annabelle” after the family that owns it
claimed that they have been terrorized by it for the last seven years.



In a YouTube
video, the Nunez family, in Callao, Peru, explain that they have
witnessed various paranormal events connected to “Sarita” which is a
blonde, blue-eyed doll that they received seven years ago. Mother-of-three
Ivonne Nunez said that it was a gift from a niece who is dead now, and as the
girl died strange things started happening, she just couldn’t bring herself to
throw away the doll. The doll was the last thing which reminded her of her
niece and sister-in-law, so she took her own life in the same house they live in


  • Ledda

Kerry Walton, of Brisbane, Australia has appeared many times on national television programs with a doll claiming to have found while visiting an abandoned building in 1972 in Wagga Wagga, Australia. According to Walton, the doll name is “Letta Me Out”. The doll was also named “Letta Me Out” due to its European gypsy heritage. He claims that he has gone through many supernatural occurrences like seeing objects moving around in their house at night.

  • Mandy Doll

Mandy is an old doll that was made in Germany roughly
between 1919-1920. She was donated to the Quesnel Museum,
Canada in 1991 after chunks of events that drove her owner insane.


The owners said that they get to hear the sound of a little girl crying
coming from the basement where the doll was kept and when they went to look,
there would be no child, just an open window and mandy staring at them.


Mandy was donated to the museum where she stopped crying but after a while, strange things started with the staffs for example lunches began (haunted dolls) disappearing from fridges and to be found somewhere else, artifacts from the museum would disappear from their display cabinets and end up in a different one, staff would get to hear ghostly footsteps when they were alone.


The real haunting began when they placed Mandy next to the other dolls
in the museum where she started turning up and destroying them. She also started messing with the
museum’s electronics which causes malfunction.


According to the sources, the spirit which possesses her is a small girl, who became trapped in the basement with her doll and died. So her spirit stayed with Mandy. Investigators claimed that it is just the spirit of the little girl who is lonely and sad.


  • Annabelle

In 1970 a mother purchased an antique Ann Doll from a store which she gifted to her daughter named Donna. Donna was studying for her Nursing degree with her roommate Angie. Within a couple of days, they started noticing weird behavior and some creepy things. The doll started moving, changing her movements. As time passes by the doll started behaving more weirdly like sitting in cross movements, arms folded or sometimes in standing position too.

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