How Different Countries Celebrated New Year

Clocks have hit that time of year again where everyone gathered to rock on a single day. The New Year went well and people made countless preparations to celebrate this day. On the 31st of December of every year, one of the biggest celebrations of the world occurs. This global celebration is done by many from every corner (Celebrated New Year) of the world. Regardless of class, individuals from across the globe celebrate in their own way. This is one of the very few events that unite everyone from everywhere for the celebration of a single occasion.

This is how different countries celebrated New Year:

1. Germany

Germans have their traditional approach of celebrating the New Year. In their customs, they melt pieces of lead and then throw these pieces into the water. Due to thermodynamic changes, this melted lead starts to become solid. Once it becomes solid, it takes a certain shape. In Germany, it is considered that whatever the shape this lead takes will predict future events. Germans regularly follow this old practice.

2. Greece

Greece has a huge history when it comes to celebrating different events and New Year is no exception. Usually, they celebrate the day by singing different carols on the eve of New Year. There is a custom of turning off lights before starting New Year’s countdown. Once the clock hit 12, they turn on lights. Apart from this Greek people also have a tradition of eating Vasilopita. It is a kind of a cake in which they hide coins. If you get the coin in cake, consider yourself lucky.

3. Russia

Russians have quite a different way of celebrating the New Year. What they do is they write all of their wishes on the paper on New Year’s Eve. Later they burn this paper and wait for ashes to be formed. These burnt ashes are then mixed in champagne. Russians drink this champagne mixed with ashes in consideration that these ashes will act as a motivation for their goals.

4. Ecuador

People of Ecuador believe in removing all negative things when moving into the New Year. In order to do that they burn effigies of people, they don’t like. Because of this, they take out all the negative things that surrounded them in that year. Other people hide money in their houses in the hope that they will gain wealth next year.

5. Philippines

In the country of Philippines round-shaped objects are consider to be a symbol of fortune. Because of this, it is a custom (Celebrated New Year) that people there keep coins in their pockets. Apart from this, people also eat food which is round in shape. Some of the foods are Orange, Pineapple, Guava etc.

Wishing you all a great year ahead. We are happy to share the above mentioned New Year vibes with all of you.

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