How to Choose Bridal Jewellery: 8 Tips to Keep in Mind

One of the major concerns of every single bride-to-be is always how to choose bridal jewellery for her D-day. We all know, during the wedding occasions what matters the most is, of course, the dazzling bride and her trousseau. Wedding jewellery holds a lot of emotional significance and a very special place in every girl’s heart. Most of them desire to wear beautiful pieces of jewellery with a unique touch on her marriage ceremony. Thus, the shimmering gold and sparkling stones enhance the bride’s beauty and complete her entire bridal look.

8 tips on how to choose bridal jewellery

You are familiar with the fact that a mismatch of jewellery can completely ruin the look of your extra special day. So, while choosing your wedding jewellery, you must be very conscious of every single detail. After all, it is the biggest day of your life. So, choosing and buying bridal jewellery always topped the bride-to-be’s wedding to-do list. That is why; you have to very clear about the points regarding it. For instance, how to choose bridal jewellery or which would be perfect for that day. Therefore, we are sharing a guide that clears your all doubts about it.

1. What is trending?

The first thing you should do before your wedding shopping is a little bit of research. Knowing the latest jewellery trend is very important. It would be a good investment if you opt for a trendy yet classic design that you can use after years as well. Therefore, do some homework and know what kind of jewellery will be the best teamed up with your wedding costume.

2. Go for classics bridal jewellery

Always stick to the classic jewellery like the royal Sitahar, the evergreen Kundan Princess necklace, the exclusive and expensive diamond ring, or designer Polki jhumkas. These pieces are timeless and we all know that statement pieces always give gleaming look. However, try to keep your makeup soft and subtle and wear a designer outfit with the statement neckpiece. No doubt, you will become the talk of the town for that day. Above all, if you love to experiment, you can also go for anything offbeat and unique. Just make sure you are purchasing your bridal jewellery from a trusted jeweller who provides authentic hallmarked products.

classic jewelry pieces
classic jewelry pieces

3. Remember your family heirloom jewellery

You can never deny the fact that ‘Old is gold’. It certainly gives a classic touch to your entire look. What else can be better than wearing your grandmother or mother’s traditional jewellery on your D-day? Above all, reusing your heirloom jewellery you can also cut down the extra expenses.

4. Go for customized bridal jewellery

There is always an option to get your jewellery customized according to your taste or your wedding costume. Are you spending a lot more time over how to choose bridal jewellery? Then you can add a new look to your family jewellery just by customizing from any reliable jewellers. They will charge extra bucks for this, but it is worth the money spent.

customized bridal jewellery
customized bridal jewellery

5. Select jewellery according to your face, skin tone, and attire:

  • Skin tone:

    While you are choosing your wedding jewellery, you must consider your face shape, skin tone, and wedding costume altogether. A majestic necklace donned by a celebrity on her marriage ceremony doesn’t need to suit you as much as it did to her. So firstly, you should know which ornaments will suit your face shape and skin tone the best. A bride with dark complexion should go for traditional golden jewellery. However, a bride with whitish complexion can choose Kundan jewellery, platinum jewellery or gold. A fair complexion bride looks adorable in diamond jewellery. It seems that the diamond neckpiece enhances the beauty of the bride’s neckline more.

  • Face shape:

    When choosing jewellery according to your face shape, the choker necklace is the best option of any bride with a rectangle-shaped face. Where long necklaces such as Sitahar complements round-shaped face and shorter neckpiece with heavy work is perfect for a heart-shaped face. Long earrings like Danglers can help to enhance the beauty of the bride with a heart-shaped face. On the other side, having an oval shape face is a blessing. Bride with the oval-shaped face can explore lots of wedding jewellery without any worries.                                                                                           

6. Match your jewellery according to function:

There are many functions like Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, Phere, etc. take place in an Indian wedding. And for every function, a bride has to choose different looks. One must choose lighter jewellery that matches her attire for Haldi and Mehendi ceremony and heavier jewellery should be kept for the main wedding function.

Match your jewellery according to function
Match your jewellery according to function

7. Avoid too many colors:

Keep this tip in your mind. Choosing any multicolored jewellery would be a great mistake. It makes the whole look messy and distracts people from the beauty of the bride. Therefore, stay away from that. So, we will suggest you, instead of choosing too many colors, get an eye-catching bridal look on your special day.

8. Some game-changing bridal jewellery: 

A gorgeous bride always looks mesmerizing with lots of traditional jewellery from head to toe. But some jewellery can change the entire bridal look. If you want your jewellery to get highlighted, you must know how to choose bridal jewellery perfectly. The trend of wearing Mathapatti and Mangtikka is back. Nowadays brides are flaunting this beautiful piece of jewellery a lot. But before buying Mangtikka or Mathapatti, you must keep in your mind about the size of your forehead. The trend of wearing a Nath or nose ring is in vogue in almost every part of India. A Nath gives a soft and attractive look and you need to choose this jewellery according to the face shape of the bride. A slim waistband makes your waist look slimmer and gives an instant glam to the overall look. You can also choose this designer jewellery online according to your budget.

bridal jewellery
bridal jewellery


Wedding jewellery is that exclusive element that adds the regal charm to someone’s D-Day. The bride needs to stay true to her taste and personality and give more priority to comfort. Because it is equally important to feel comfortable in what she wears. And of course, another thing you need to keep in mind while choosing wedding jewellery is budget. Above all, one should do a thorough wedding planning regarding this. And last but not the least; do not forget to take advice from your makeup artist, designer, your mother, and best friend. They will suggest you the best possible jewellery style. So, give it a quick read and we believe this guide will be helpful for your wedding jewellery shopping.

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