Iconic Cakes for Christmas — A drooling Celebration of Christ’s Birth!

Imagine a scene of a generous slice of your favorite cake. Suppose it is now on a plate in front of you and fork in your hand. You cut it and take that very first bite. Isn’t it a heavenly feeling? Rich and layered in cream & chocolates and filled with meringue, no matter what kind it is, a piece of cake is always a very tempting dessert.

There are different kinds of cultures all over the world and they have their own recipes for chocolate cake, maple syrup cake, fruit cake, and the list will not stop!

Christmas is a festival which stands for bliss, merriment, hope and all things delicious as well as exciting. It is the festive season celebrated worldwide when you get a chance to savor everything appetizing and sumptuous. From Christmas parties for Christmas cake, from Christmas tree to gifts, every bit of this special festival is bound to make you go merry.

While you sit in one corner of the globe cutting your staple delicious cake and celebrating Christmas, the Christmas cake is a common threat to be enjoyed on a particular day. But the recipe of cake does vary from country to country, and all it is done in honor of the birth of Jesus.


Basbousa is a traditional Middle Eastern treat, a sweet, syrupy cake that originated in Egypt. Basbousa is made with almonds, honey, and sweetened with syrup. Usually, lemon or orange-flavored syrup is added to this. It is made from semolina batter.


Italian Cream Cake II

Italian cream cake is very moist but not too dense with a cream cheese frosting.

The second cake of Christmas crosses the Alps and comes to Italy. Then, it has reached to the American South, where Italian Cream Cake has its origin. But no matter where its origin is, this moist buttermilk cake is a delicious Christmas cake. This one is a favorite of every coconut and pecans lover.

Christmas Fruit Cake

The delicious cake, which is called traditional Christmas cake, is basically a type of fruit cake made in the United Kingdom. It is made two months before Christmas. In this period, it soaks in brandy and after soaking it becomes more savory. These cakes are made into different shapes.


Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet cake is generally a butter cake. Although it is commonly made with oil instead of butter, cocoa is mixed with the cake batter for creating the prominent red velvet flavor — originally it is a reaction between buttermilk and the raw cocoa. You will often find them tinted with extra food coloring. You might have known that the cake was referred to as the $200 cake. The history behind this name is that the red velvet cake was first baked in the 1920s by a chef at the Waldorf-Astoria. A guest who loved that cake very much wrote a letter to the chef, asking for the recipe along with a bill. Whatever you call it, this cake is amazing and luscious.


Cadbury snowflake chocolate cake

This simple designed chocolate filled cake is easy to bake, ideal for beginners and perfect for chocolate lovers. This beautiful cake was made by ‘The Great British Bake Off’ winner Frances Quinn. The best and most interesting part of cake baking is decoration, right? This cake is a real showstopper while adding a sprinkle of icing sugar, choco chips, and some mini sparklers.



Black Forest Cake

Do you know that black forest cake is a traditional German cake? This black forest cake combines several layers of sponge chocolate cake with fresh sweet cherries, rich chocolate ganache, and whipped cream frosting. From children to adults, it is everyone’s favorite. The cake is a creamy, yummy, fluffy treat made with all kinds of frostings, fillings, and toppings, especially for those who have a sweet tooth.

Neither we nor the rest of the world can get enough cake , if your tooth are looking for different types of cakes, some ideas are given above only for you to make your Christmas merrier one!

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