Introverts Mental Health Analysis: Why they don’t actually win lockdown?


Introverts Mental Health Analysis has indeed become an important topic during this lockdown.  They are reserved and conservative category persons. They are not open to conversations with many people and try to keep their social circle. Also, they usually don’t interact much with people. This doesn’t mean they don’t like talking much. Instead they have a bunch of close friends and they usually try to hang out with them only. Though they don’t interact much, whenever they speak and interact, their conversations are usually meaningful and deep. They usually prefer to be alone and avoid going for social gatherings.  

COVID-19 pandemic and then imposed lockdown has caused vast changes in a person’s personality. Also, Cases of depression, anxiety and panic attacks have also increased during this period. Besides this, there are also cases where people have easily adapted to the situation and found new ways to make themselves happy.

So let us know the effect of this lockdown on different personality types from psychologists point of view and also how they dealt with it. Psychology means social intelligence, the new science of human relationships. Through this science, it becomes much easier to know about people. So now we will analyze about Introverts Mental Health Analysis and whether introverts are positively affected during this time or not. 

Introverts Mental Health Analysis: Personality analysis of Introverts during lockdown 

To start discuss about Introverts Mental Health Analysis, let us first understand their personality type. Introverts usually like to be alone and in solitude. They prefer to remain lonely and try to understand much. Lockdown had closed all social gatherings and meetings. Also, People remained in homes to prevent them from the harmful Coronavirus.  

As regards to Introverts Mental Health Analysis, psychologists thought that Introverts will be quite happy and would easily adjust to the situation. But the reality came as completely different as assessed by psychologists. As per studies by various famous psychologists, Introverts also faced stress and depression issues. Their mental health became disturbed. This is because being an introvert definitely doesn’t mean that they don’t want to talk to anyone and like to always remain lonely. But they only prefer to keep their social circle small and limited. Pandemic had closed everything. It affected their mental health also. They showed dumb happy face during the lockdown period. This is because in lockdown, every time they had to live around people. They also don’t like that because they also much prefer to be alone. 

Introverts Mental Health Analysis: Personality analysis of Extroverts during lockdown 

After knowing about Introverts Mental Health Analysis, Now let us understand about other personality type. This will help much to compare both of them. Extroverts are concerned, these people are those who like to interact with people. They love to enjoy parties, social gatherings and meeting people at different platforms. So, in short they are totally different personalities as compared to introverts. As a result, as far as their personality is concerned, any person and even psychologists can guess that their mental health will be much affected due to COVID-19. But the final result was totally opposite of it. Even psychologists have never thought of it. 

Extroverts are not much affected due to this COVID-19 and lockdown. They found new ways to please them. They started finding how to be happy. Besides this, they started interacting with people on video calls through various platforms. Also they started involving in various other activities and courses to enhance their skills and knowledge. So on analysing Introverts Mental Health Analysis, this can be said as the reason why they didn’t get much affected. 

Reasons behind Introverts behaviour- Survey by psychologists

Various famous Psychologists analysed about Introverts Mental Health Analysis and their behaviour- 

  • Psychologists Danièle Gubler and Katja Schlegel, from the University of Bern, Switzerland conducted a survey in late march and early April 2020. According to them, it is a human tendency and need to interact with people. It really doesn’t matter whether your friend circle is small or big. But the basic point is interacting which you are doing whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. 
  • Another survey conducted at University of Wollongong, Australia by Maryann Wei between the same period late April and early May 2020. People of different countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany were part of this survey and it was held between late April and early May 2020. As a result of this analysis, she found higher levels of anxiety and depression in extroverts than introverts. 
  • Next survey taken by a PHd student, Anahita Shokrkon of University of Alberta during the same lockdown period in Canada. It also revealed the same analysis that extroverts fared much well during lockdown. Also they had much better mental health than introverts. She pointed out the same reasons as I pointed above that they found new ways to interact with people i.e. through Video calls. 

Introverts Mental Health Analysis: Conclusion 

Now after getting the viewpoints of various psychologists regarding Introverts Mental Health Analysis, we can analyse that no matter how big or small your friend circle is. You always need someone to talk with. In some situations, parental advisory, no background work. Also, social interaction is a must to make a person’s mental health good and stable. As a result after Introverts Mental Health Analysis, we get to know about reasons, why Introverts were unable to win the lockdown period.  







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