Kushal Punjabi suicide at the age of 42 | Here is the reason

Actor Kushal Punjabi found hanging in his bandra flat late on thursday. The 42 year old was an actor in reality TV shows. He worked in the shows like Fear Factor and also appeared in some movies like Kaal and Lakshya. He was a well known professional jazz and hip hop dancer.

Parents shocked

Kushal’s parents and his friends were worried and went to his home. When he was not answering their calls and him hanging from a ceiling fan around 11.30 PM on thursday night. They called the police after that and the Police recovered a one and a half page suicide letter. Kushal had no one to blame for his suicide, according to the letter. It was a complete shock to his friends who were not aware of this incident. Hence, Punjabi never told them the reason that he was not happy or anything about what he was going to do.

Letter revealed it all

The police officers confirmed the action taken by Kushal Punjabi was a suicide. The letter also revealed that Kushal wanted his property to be divided. This division included into his parents, his sister and his three year old son. The 42 year old, was thinking of divorce and was depressed, told by the family members and his friends and that could be the reason of his death. Punjabi wanted to settle to a place where he can pursue his acting carrier but his wife Audrey Dulhen, a foreign National who is employed in Shanghai wanted to settle elsewhere from Kushal’s place and they did not agree to each other.

His family members and friends shared this informative topic with the police, which was later confirmed by the police. The 42 year old, wrote that half of the property will be given to his son and the other to his parents and sister. Kushal asked his family members to equally share his Kandivli flat, an imported bike and the ₹12 Lakh he has invested through his CA.

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