Latest advancements of defense of Modi government

From when Narendra Modi came to the power of prime minister of India, this country has got the chance to see another side of the defence. Defence budgets, taking part in war games, defence acquisition, and all those got (latest military technology in the world) more attention than ever. The word ‘Defence’ strung together to build a strong and safe India. For the past few years, the Modi government has performed and has solved various issues. Now again on its 2nd term, it is ready to rule the country with helpful ideas and right decisions. The defence system has flourished vastly. PM Modi had visited many countries to interact and view review of India’s benefit. Advancement may be mentioned as the Rafale deal, Dhanush guns, Tejas and many more.

Rafale Deal:

It is related to the purchase of 36 multirole fighter aircraft for a huge and bulky price. It took years to name it for the Indian defence. Many agreements were approved and denied several times. On January 2012 Indian ministry of defence declared that the well-known French company Rafale had got the biggest contract of India to supply 126 aircraft with the addition of 63 aircraft. Again on February 2015, it was stated that Rafale purchase was headed for cancellation. After passing many tenders between ministers Rafale deal finally belonged to India.

Dhanush Guns:

Coming to another achievement are the Dhanush guns. Indian army will be soon receiving a new set of Dhanush guns. These guns will be set along the borders of Pakistan & China. The Dhanush guns hold a caliber of 155×45mm. The first indigenous artillery Dhanush is designed with a navigation sighting system. This Dhanush project glorifies the army’s power by having more guns of a higher caliber. It is really a great achievement as well as a matter of safety & pride of Indian defence system.


Now, talking about HAL-Tejas, it is a single-engine delta wing and multirole light fighter. It also adds great support for the rescue for the Indian army.

Even after the second term of Modi government our (latest military technology in the world) Prime minister never leaves a stone unturned to make and build a proud India.

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