Persons in Time Travel: 5 Individuals and 5 Claims

It is probably correct to say that most people, even the most conservative and balanced of us, wished deep inside that time travel was a real possibility. The ability to see the past or the future in close-up, or (aside from all the paradoxes) to go back in time and make up for a mistake or give a warning to a loved one or himself, would certainly address everyone.

With that in mind, it is unlikely that the following ten examples will give a boost to the hope that such a journey will one day be possible (Persons in Time Travel) and should not be taken so much with a pinch of salt, but with several large portions of it. Whatever the case, the next ten people recently felt the need to tell the world about their coming from the near or distant future. This is what they had to say. By the way, they almost always spoke with the same media channel, Apex TV, which of course is no coincidence!

  1. Edward Brings photo of LA from the year 5000

One of the most intriguing stories about time travel was told in February 2018 by “Edward,” who claimed to have a photo of Los Angeles submerged in water from the year 5000 onwards. He also brought along a fairly detailed story.

He claimed to have been involved in an extremely secret shadow government experiment in 2004, in which he would travel to the year 5000. He initially worked as the technical support engineer at the time he got approached to the work with the secret organization in the field of technical inventions. Edward would also claim that the best minds in science and technical development are usually picked up early by this shadow government, with the emergence of star scientists who are part of a public distraction technique.

As per Mr Edward, because of the melting of polar caps, the humanity survives through floating on water cities on the huge platforms made of wood. Though he did not reveal any further detail of the work, he did state that these secret projects carry on with the sum of money which changes the ownership, in times that are equal to annual budgets of a few countries.

2. John’s travel from the 4000 because of the concerns regarding AI

A comparable claim came from “John”, though he arrived from the future 4000AD and remained the co-founder of the top automobile company of the 4000AD time, which is known as the Zucar. Rendering to the claims made by him, he had been in the old past for the last 6 years (which is the present for us) owing to concerns regarding rise of the AI as well as the penalties for the humanity.

John offered a snap of the time that is hundreds of decades from the present. That comes up to be one automated car building installation  coming from the future, in which spider-like machineries which are enormously producing one futuristic-looking automobile, which is as per John is a DR-18, the car which is “Impossible” in having accident.

John specified that AI does most of the effort in future. That is neither only the labor- concentrated jobs; nor much of “intelligent work” is also performed by the robots, with very little of human interventions. Another thing that happens to be a bit strange for certain people was the statement that there will be no bird in 4000. They will be all deliberately destroyed for preventing damage to the flying cars. The taken for granted pets like cats and dogs will not be there either except some in the zoo.

3. Clara from the 3780: ‘Time travel is used today’

In 2018, January, “Clara” said she had worked in a very secret part of US Army. In turn she was the part of the top-secret experiments in the year 2000. She claimed she got sent to the 3780. It was her mission to bring back the piece of technology which was for using for secret purposes. To explain basic principles of the time (Persons in Time Travel) travel, she said that the time measurement is like a length or depth. She told to imagine in a depth of the sea. She also added that with the use of the proper tools, further progress to the depth is possible. Time travel is like that. Clara claimed also that the process of time travel happens to be now used on regular basis in the year 2018 and it has been a process used for military for almost a decade.

4. The time travellers in Greece

It’s the American army which manages the secret companies in time travel. In 2017, December, a stranger claimed he had travelled to the 3207 as a part of top secret projects from Greek army. The person also said that he served the Greek services for the 6 years prior to receiving the invitation for promoting the career he has in the year 2013 by participating in a secret project.

5. William Taylor

Last but not the least, this story received substantial attention, although briefly, was of William Taylor. He claimed in the year January 2018 about being a part of one extremely secretive British Intelligence project for the 20 years.

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