Why do companies still tell you what you can (and Can’t) wear to work?


The question which has been asked in the above title is indeed a very important one. There is a simple logical thing which will answer that. That is the importance of Professional dress codes. This means it is a lot more important. That is the only reason why all companies remain focused on it. Also due to this only many companies prescribe dress codes for persons working there.

So let us know 2 things in detail through this article. First one is the importance of Professional dress codes and second are some tips to look professional.

Importance of Professional dress codes

First let us know about its important through below mentioned points-

1. Makes everyone look alike

First and foremost reason why there should be dress codes is that it creates a look alike impact. It simply means that all wearing the same professional attire creates a feeling that all is working in a team and for a particular purpose by looking alike. This is the first importance of Professional dressing. 

2. Professional dress codes- Attracting clients

Secondly, a company is required to attract numerous clients both at domestic and international level. So there must be a uniqueness which you must show in your look. Imagine you have to do communication with a client and you are in casual wear. All this will create a negative impact of the company and can reduce our clientage.

3. Enhances motivation and self confidence 

It has been scientifically and psychologically proven that Professional dressing creates more self confidence. You will be much more confident wearing it instead of a casual wear. Besides it enhances your motivation level. That is the only reason why companies prefer to prescribe professional dress codes for employees. 

4. Professional dress codes- Reflect company’s values

Every company has its own philosophy and values on which it works. So the company hopes and maintains such an environment that its employees work on such values and work for company’s benefit. Their dress codes also represent the same thing. Also it is a big reflection of the company’s ideology.

5. Provides good impression

Besides above, Professional dress codes is something which creates a good impression both for yourself and the company. It will help in a great way to interact with clients. Also it leads to growth, expansion of the company. 

6. Creates respect

Professional dress code of the company provides a respectable look in front of others. People will genuinely respect you and your company while you are in that look. Since it provides a unique identity to a person. 

7. Professional dress codes- Enhances productivity

As above mentioned, it helps to attract clients and creates a unique identity to the company. So all this helps in enhancing productivity and growth of the business. 

8. Edge over Competitors 

Lastly, all points mentioned above create an edge over competitors. This means that a professional attire will make you ahead of competitors all the time. It is a plus point for every company working for more profits. Besides this, it is also important for growth of their business concern. 

Professional dress codes- Tips to look professional 

Now after knowing importance of Professional dress codes, let us know about tips how you can look Professional in next few points-

1. Clean and pressed attire

First and foremost tip for a Professional look is that your attire must be properly pressed, neat and clean. This is the first impression which you create for everyone interacting with you. 

2. Professional dress codes- Properly cover clearly visible tattoo

Secondly, you must try to cover any tattoos which are clearly visible. This is because it creates a negative impact and reduces effectiveness of your look. This is another tip for a professional look.

3. Polished shoes

Next, you must wear polished shoes. Since untidy and unpolished shoes also create a very negative impact in front of people. 

4. Professional dress codes- Perfume 

Besides above, for a Professional look, you must prefer not to wear strong perfume. This doesn’t look much professional while you talk with your seniors and juniors. So try to avoid it. This is a must tip for a professional look.

5. Special tips for women

Women must keep in mind below tips other than mentioned above-

  • You must try to wear comfortable dresses since being uncomfortable lasts a negative impression on others.
  • Prefer light makeup instead of heavy makeup. 
  • Wear outfits which are light and neutral colored.
  • Try to strictly avoid transparent dresses.
  • Add accessories to your professional attire if it is necessary, otherwise avoid. 
  • Try to wear long professional dresses than shorter ones. It provides much better professional look.
  • Lastly, your nail should be properly trimmed and if you have applied nail polish, then it must be nude one. 

Summing up

I just hope you all have understood the importance of Professional dress codes and tips how you can look professional. So I just suggest you all to follow these tips to look professional. 


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