Quarantine Food and cultural practices of the Indian community in Australia

New Delhi, April 1, 2020: Covid-19 is causing irreversible devastation across the globe. With sharp surge in infection and death numbers, various governments are trying to contain the virus at the earliest. Although, the disease usually spreads from respiratory droplets of infected but people are skeptical about other factors as well. For instance, whether coronavirus can spread through fruits and vegetables? Do people need to practice quarantine practices in the food habits as well?

 A recent report

Most issues with food and beverages in Italy involved products of animal origin and were microbiological. This was according to a recent report from authorities. The highest percentage of irregularities involved microbiological issues in meat, fish and dairy products. The second category for microbiological irregularities was other food products such as composite dishes, including ready meals. Hence, these foods are certainly inappropriate in the times of quarantine.

No evidence of virus spreading from Food

Until now, there is no such evidence which says coronavirus spreads from food. It clearly spreads from the respiratory droplets from the infected. However, experts do believe that special care is needed. As a result, manufacturers and marketers should handle food items with great care.

Best practices need to be adopted

In commercial food productions there are practices which can be adopted to ensure safety of food products. These are designed to control the microbes, including viruses. However, the consumers also need to undertake certain steps. These include washing hands with a good soap or hand sanitizer before eating. Especially, after sneezing, coughing or blowing nose they should clean their hands for at least 20 seconds.

Food requires to be cleaned

Supermarkets witness heavy footfalls everyday. With infections all over there are certain possibilities of contracting the coronavirus. For instance, packaged food may have come in contact with an infected buyer. So it is advised to wash or clean the food packets before you open it. Especially milk packages or bottles should be cleaned.

Antioxidants can help

The recent coronavirus infection is all about immunity. Those who have high immunity, firstly they do not get infected. Even if they contract the infection, they can easily get away with minimum treatment. Therefore it is essential to consume the food which is good in antioxidants. This includes green leafy vegetables, vitamin C rich diet, almonds and other superfoods.

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