Rare Known Facts About Hollywood Movies

There are many facts about Hollywood movies that can blow your mind. Without any doubt, Hollywood movies are just out of the box. From their mind-blowing stories to some amazing action sequence, they are worth watching.

However, do you know how much efforts it takes to bring them on the screen? Yes, you read it right there are many unknown surprising facts of super hits in Hollywood. Hence, here we have brought the list of such rare known facts about Hollywood movies. You will surely like to know and may also find it more intriguing than the film.

Cool facts about Hollywood Movies:

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

One of the most famous movies, The Chronicles of Narnia has an entertaining fact to it. Remember the scene when Georgie Henley sees Mr.Tumnus for the first time? Her reaction in that particular shot is real and, she actually got scared at that time.

It was her first shot and she had no idea that they were about to make an entry in front of her. Also, Georgie’s first reaction towards the snowy World of Narnia is truly hers and not a part of acting.

The Dark Knight

This movie surely grabs a place under lesser-known facts about Hollywood movies. For his role as a Joker, Heath Ledger locked him in an isolated room for almost six weeks.

He got deep into the challenging character he was offered. Heath did not think of anything else during the preparation for the role. He even got into depression and psychological disturbance after he gave his 100 per cent to the film.

The amazing actor lost his life after portraying the iconic character of the Joker. His immense seriousness for The Dark Knight is the reason behind his sad demise.

Surprising facts about Hollywood Movies

The Terminator

The Terminator has one of the entertaining yet surprising facts about Hollywood movies with it. After taking a break from the shooting the ace actor Arnold Schwarzenegger went to a restaurant to satisfy his hunger.

The funny part is, he forgot to remove his weird makeover. Arnold went on with one missing eye, burned flesh and en exposed jawbone. Now, this is how people forget things for food! Whatsoever may be the reason, this incidence immediately went viral and created a massive buzz.


The naked picture of Kate Winslet in the movie has been created by director James Cameron. It was not Leonardo DiCaprio’s hands in the scene. It is James’ hands but viewers could not understand it. Also, all the other sketches in Jack’s book are of  James.

Besides this, Leonardo just went crazy after seeing Winslet naked. Her beauty flashed him and it is also one of the most famous scenes from the film. Therefore, Caprio’s reactions while shooting the sketch scenes are actually genuine. He could not resist gazing Kate. In an interview, Kate also spoke on how she broke the ice when Jack just got lost into her.

Entertaining facts :

Ice Age

The funny creature around whom the entire film revolves is a combination of a squirrel and a rat. It has the characteristics of both the animals which are why the filmmaker chose it as the main lead.

Besides that, another thing that brings up this movie under the facts about Hollywood movies are the voice of this creature. So, director Chris Wedge is the man who gave his voice to the character of Scrat in the movie. Hardly anyone knew about it. Isn’t it?

Unbelievable facts about Hollywood Movies


The concept of the film is not an outcome of any research or brainstorming. Instead of that, it’s the experiences that the director came through in his dreams. He just brought them on the big screen and that did the magic.

Apart from that, the scenes with huge rotational corridors in the movie are real places. The actors practiced a lot to stand stable on the rotating sets they went to. Making such a complex film was not easy but Christopher Nolan nailed it.

Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust gave goosebumps to such an extent that the filmmaker had to go to court. The director was asked to prove that all the characters in his film are alive, no one got killed during the shoot.

Well, now you know how many obstacles directors go through to get that perfect result we see on the big screen. There is an end number of anecdotes behind the scenes we enjoy to watch.

Be it the sets, the actors or the makeovers everything has an interesting story to it. If you also know any such interesting fact about your favorite Hollywood film, do share your views with us! We would love to know more about it.

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