Worst Bollywood Films in 2020 You would Never Want to See

It’s shocking to hear the worst Bollywood films but you can’t always stay in a denial. No doubt the Bollywood industry is among the most popular ones. Still, not always good luck works, at times there are films that have no sense and story to grab the audience.

Even if the movie has good locations, amazing songs and great actors, the plot of the film still matters the most. This year many movies like Tanhaji, Thappad and Dil Bechara won audience hearts. But few also disappointed us and that ruined many people’s mood. So, here we have brought the list of such movies released in 2020. The viewers had high expectations from them but they could not do wonders on the Box Office.

Check out the list of 2020 Worst Bollywood Films:


When it’s about worst Bollywood films in 2020, Malang holds the topmost position. The trailers and the songs of the film looked promising with a realistic story. However, it did not satisfy the benchmark set by the critiques.

The movie revolves around Drugs and how it is connected to the parties in Goa. This is practically deceptive and, also ruins the image of Goa tourism. Thus, the makers of the movie failed to portray what they wanted to.

Street Dancer 3D

This is another that surely takes place in the worst Bollywood films in 2020. Street Dancer 3D is a monotonous version of ABCD. The first two parts did receive appreciation but this one went out of the track.

From cliche jokes to a mainstream story the film looked more like a Dance reality show. The actors did great performance but that is not only the aspect which grabs the viewers interest. The tracks of the movie are super hit and people liked Shraddha Kapoor and Varun Dhawan’s chemistry.

Movies Flop on Box Office:

Virgin Bhanupriya

Virgin Bhanupriya portrays a character of a girl whose deprived of sex and, has still retained her virginity. The storyline drags this issue until the end of the movie and, it gets on the viewers’ nerves.

It’s not for the first time that a film on sex has been made. Still, in Virgin Bhanupriya the logic seems missing. Also, a sensitive topic like women and fertility is emphasized in a very cheap way. Besides this, all the characters can be seen cracking double meaning jokes which are not worth watching. Bearing this film for even half n hour is a tough job.

Baaghi 3

Baaghi 3 is also one of the worst Bollywood films in 2020. Except for Tiger Shroff’s hearth robbing abs and chiselled body nothing else could grab the audience’s interest. The story of a younger brother fighting for his elder one sounds quite thrilling. But things do not always go as it is expected.

Also, the film just came up with a new angle, rest all is the same old stuff like Baaghi 1 &2. In all, the film is completely pointless with unnecessary action sequences. Hats off to Tiger Shroff’s efforts to attract the viewers. Even so, it did not help.

 Worst Bollywood Movies with disappointing stories:

Mrs Serial Killer

It is another example of a badly made Bollywood horror movie. A lot of people have still not heard of this movie. In the times of 2020 the technology used behind making it is still not up to the mark. Having said that, even the competent actors could not pull it off with their acting skills.
It was just a disaster made my Bollywood that does not even deserve a one time watch.

Haunted Hills

Written and directed by Sanjeev Kumar Rajput, Zuber Khan and Diana Khan are the main leads. The storyline is based upon a honeymoon couple. The wife passes away in an accident however, her soul still resides in a painting. It is an extremely boring film that could make you really uncomfortable.


This movie starring Kiara Advani was based upon an extremely sensitive and a less addressed topic. However, this movie came across as a mixed bag of both good and bad. The screenplay had some extremely realistic shots and on the other hand, it just seemed like a dragged thriller with a not so anticipated ending. We would still give it a one time watch considering the issue raised in the movie for the sake of awareness.

It’s really surprising to see films with such pathetic stories getting approved. Bollywood is always unexpecting and never stays back in leaving the audience stunned with their out of the box plots. However, sometimes in the heat of excitement, the stories they create leave the audience disgust. 2020 surely brought both super hit and badly made films. Now, let’s see what have the filmmakers stored for us in 2021.

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