Don’t Know What to Write in a Resume to Get your Dream Job in 15 Days

Finding the perfect resume to get your dream job is something on almost everybody’s wishlist. Though you might know the resume format for a job but finding the exact content is not an easy task. Whether writing a resume for fresher or resume for experienced, you need to take care of the format as well as the content of your resume.

How to Write a Resume to Get your Dream Job?

Suppose you accidentally come across a vacancy related to your dream job on a job portal. Luckily, you are asked to just fill the application form to get a chance to work in the esteemed organization. But logically, that’s not enough. Writing a cover letter and CV for jobs becomes mandatory.

resume to get your dream job
resume to get your dream job

While the application form shows that you’re keen to work in the organization, your CV shows your skills and achievements. So, you need to work on writing a cover letter and find good resume ideas. For your assistance, we’re providing you some resume writing tips for a perfect resume to get your dream job.

Resume Writing Tips:

Please do follow these writing tips while writing a resume to get your dream job.

  • Be informative. Add all your skills and achievements relevant to the job requirements. This would help the employer to find out the reason to consider you first.
  • Give the most important information first. Try to prioritize the information based on what’s more important for the employer to know. If the necessary information is at the top, it’d be easier for the HR to skim through.
  • Use subheadings. Organizing your details and accomplishments under proper subheads would provide your resume a professional look. Moreover, all the subheads should contain relevant information in the resume.
  • Be concise. Always remember to keep your resume limited to 2 or 3 pages and add the important sections only. If you’re writing a resume for fresher, avoid adding an empty work experience section.
  • Be formal. Avoid the use of stylish fonts and font colors in your resume. Most of the people have the misconception that it attracts the employer while it doesn’t. Do use formal language and simple font style.
  • Review some resume template: Before writing your resume, look for numerous templates available online. Avoid copying instead take resume ideas from them and make your resume.
  • Proofread: When you’re done with the writing part, reread your resume and look for grammatical errors. Also, check for the sections that you missed out by mistake and make sure that it is up to the mark.

Professional Format of CV for Jobs

When you’re sending a resume for fresher or resume for experienced, it should be attached to an email. Nowadays, email is the most popularly used tool for communication in the corporate world. Whether it be business deals or the introduction of a new policy, everything is sent on mail. So, along with writing a good CV for jobs, you have to be professional and formal to make yourself seen by the HR. This is what you can do to be professional in the resume to get your dream job.

Subject line:

While composing an email, you’ve to mention the recipient following the subject line. Here you’ve to tell the HR the reason for sending the email i.e. application for the job of (job title here). As HR gets hundreds of emails in a single day from unknown people, the subject line would highlight the job you’re seeking.

Your subject line goes like:

The application enclosed: Job Title (Job Reference No)

Salutation/ Greeting:

At the beginning of your mail, you should address the recipient and greet him. Always remember not to use Hi or Hello while greeting. Instead, write Dear Mr. Surname or Dear HR Team and in the case of a female HR, use Dear Ms. Surname to address her. You should avoid writing the full name of the recipient while addressing him.

Writing the Mail Body

You should be formal and professional while writing the mail body. Instead of beating around the bush, be crisp and concise, and mention whatever is necessary. Always remember to stick to the point and be affirmative. Avoid stylish fonts and using font colors to make it look attractive because then it will lack the professional touch.

Attaching CV for jobs

Now, your job search has come to an end and you have got the resume format for the job. Additionally, you’ve resume writing tips and resume ideas so don’t let anything stop you. Now comes the most important part of your mail i.e. writing a cover letter and CV for a job. The resume and the cover letter are attached to the mail either as a Word document or in a PDF format. Also, you can include the cover letter in the email body itself.

Moreover, you should make sure that the resume for fresher or resume for experienced has all the details that HR needs. Also, the cover letter and the resume should have their specific name for the HR to easily differentiate. The names of the attachments should be like Resume.doc and Cover letter.doc.


At the end of the mail, you should add a salutation along with your full name and phone number. Giving your contact details would make it easier for the employer to contact you.

For example:

Thanks and Regards/ Best Regards

Your Name

Contact number

Some good examples

Dear HR Team,

I am keen to apply for the job of (job title here) in your esteemed organization. Recently, I’ve come to know about a vacancy in your company (name of the job portal). I’m attaching the cover letter and resume in this job application for your reference.

Application Documents:

  • doc
  • Cover Letter.doc

You can find my contact details below. Looking forward to a positive response.

Thanks & Regards


Contact details

We hope that you follow our resume writing tips and resume ideas and accomplish the task of writing the resume to get your dream job. We wish you the best of luck for your job search and wish that you get what you’re seeking.


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