Richest persons as net worth for the year 2020 in the world

Forbes magazine shows the list of Richest persons as net worth. This is because they are eager to know which industry is earning the highest in the field. Every year Forbes magazine shows us the richest persons. This list changes everyone as per changes in their earnings and net worth.

Richest persons as net worth for the year 2020 in the world

Now let us know about persons who have appeared in this year’s Forbes magazine. The figures of net worth taken in this article is based on current time. 

1.Jeff Bezos-Top Richest persons as Net worth

First person who has topped this magazine as the richest persons as net worth. He is the owner and CEO of e-commerce platform Amazon. Besides this, he is the owner of 2 aerospace companies Washington Post and Blue Origin. 

This corona pandemic has been tragic for almost everyone in the world. But his thinking is something different from all. This is because these times have increased online shopping among people. As a result of which its sales increased at a much higher level. His current net worth is estimated to be approx. $183 billion. 

2.Bill Gates 

Next in the list of richest persons as net worth below Jeff Bezos is Bill Gates. His approximate net worth is $120 Billion. He has founded the famous software company Microsoft. But he has sold off his maximum stake. Now only 1% stake is left with him. 

Apart from being its owner, he is now known more for his charity work. This is because owns a private charitable foundation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This foundation is the largest in the world. Its work is towards enhancing health care conditions in the world. During the corona pandemic also, Gates worked towards improving people’s health. He also determined to spend approx. $36 billion to corona patients.

3.Bernard Arnault and Family

Having an approx. net worth of $139 billion, he is the third richest person in Forbes list. He is the owner of brand LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton. He is a famous name from Fashion and Retail industry. Besides this, he is the owner of 70 brands. Like him, his children are also working for this LVMH brand. They all aim to grow it much higher than now.

4.Warren Buffett 

Besides above all, there is yet another richest persons as net worth.  He is CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. This is the brand which has over 60 companies working under it. Estimation of his net worth is $86 billion. He is famous for his investing skills and is most successful in this field. Presently he lives in a city Omaha, Nebraska. 

He is also known as Oracle of Omaha. This is because of his charity works. Like Bill Gates, he is also of the opinion of donating his wealth for charity purposes. He and Bill Gates with this thought in mind have started the campaign “Giving Pledge”. It encouraged other rich persons to involve in society welfare. 

5.Larry Ellison

Larry Elison is yet another founder of a software company Oracle like Bill Gates. He is the owner of approx. 35.4% in the company. He has acquired many software companies till now for expanding his business.  Besides this, he is also owner of Hawaiian Island Lanai. He approximately has a net worth of $77 billion. 

6.Amancio Ortega 

Amancio Ortega is a well known name in the Fashion and Retail Industry. He has net worth of approx. $74 billion till date. He is the co-founder of fashion brand Inditex. Under this brand name, there are 8 brands. Out of these brands, a well known brand is Zara. He has a maximum stake of 60% in this cofounded brand.

Because of having the maximum stake, he earns the most from dividends every year. His earnings from dividends are around $400 million. His popularity in the fashion and retail sector made him the world’s richest retailer. Besides this, he is also Europe’s richest man.  

7.Mark Zuckerberg-Youngest Richest persons as net worth

Facebook has become a most popular communication mode in recent times. So let us know about man behind it.   He is none other than the CEO, Cofounder and Chairman, Mark Zuckerberg. In 2004, he founded this  social media platform.  He has a net worth of approx. $102 billion.

He is the youngest richest persons as net worth in the world. This is because he has appeared in the Forbes list at an early age of 35 years. 

8.Jim Walton 

He is another richest person from the Fashion and retail industry. Jim Walton is the heir of Top brand Walmart. his father Sam Walton founded this brand. Currently he is the CEO and Chairman of Arvest Bank Group. His net worth approximates to $69 billion till date. 

9.Alice Walton-Only women in Top 10 Richest persons as net worth

Another richest persons as net worth is Alice Walton. She is the only woman in the Forbes list of richest persons. Though being the daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton. But she never got involved in her family business. Instead, she was interested in Curating art. Because of this only, she started Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Currently she is the Chairman of this museum. She has net worth of approx. $69 billion. 

10.Rob Walton

Last person in the list of Richest people is Rob Walton. He is the eldest son of Sam Walton, Walmart founder. Till June 2015, he was its chairman . He along with his siblings Alice and Jim Walton still owns half of Walmart’s stake. Now he is only the Chairman of Walmart group. He currently has a net worth of approx. $69 billion. 

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