Studying is Stressful : How to Reduce it

“Studying is stressful”, this is answer of almost every student. This is because for every student, nothing creates more stress than studies. They will spend hours gossiping, roaming around or watching mobiles. But whenever they are told to study, they try to escape from that. 

But as we all know all that exams are coming near. So we need to find some solution to this issue. For finding solutions, we must try to find out stress reduction ways. 

Studying is Stressful- Stress management ways

There are various ways to reduce study related stress. Read this article to know about 10 ways to study stress free. For complete knowledge, read this article to the end.

1.Studying is stressful- Take a break to reduce stress

Studying for long hours continuously can make you feel much stressed. It will make your mind disturbed and you become unable to remember much. As a result, you will see even an easy topic hard to study. 

So this problem can be solved by taking a 15-20 minutes break after 1 hour of study. In this break, you can take a rest. Also enjoying any activity which make you relax can help to reduce stress. 

2.Practising yoga

Yoga is another stress management technique. This is because it relaxes body, mind and soul. It increases students’ concentration power. Students perform much better due to it.  So they are advised to do yoga for better health. 

3.Studying is stressful- Taking proper sleep

Usually students study late night and also early in the morning. In this way, they don’t take care of health. But this increases stress and anxiety level. So to study stress free, students must take proper sleep.

4.Practical Thinking

Since studying is stressful, so we must find ways to reduce our stress. One such way is to connect our study concepts with practical life. This means to think of any situation as a case study. Also how would we react if it occurs practically.

It will make learning more interesting. Also it will increase concept learning, So it can be another way to reduce anxiety and stress. 

5.Studying is stressful- Time management

Lack of time management is one of the reasons which makes studying stressful. Usually become unable to manage time well. As a result, when exams come near they get disturbed.  The vast syllabus increases anxiety among students.

So it is the best option to adopt time management. Students must manage how much time a subject requires. This will help to complete the big syllabus in adequate amount of time.

 6.Writing along with reading 

It is a known fact that writing along with reading is a better way to learn. This makes us to remember a concept with more clarity. So we should write while we are reading anything.

Besides this, we must practice Assignment writing. It means to practice and answer questions based on learned concepts. It will make us know how much we have understood the concept. So this must be followed by students. 

7.Studying is stressful- Studying in an organized way

Not organizing studying way is another why studying is stressful. Normally they don’t organize syllabus in a proper manner. They mix- up all concepts. Due to this, stress increases.

So to reduce stress, try to study in an organized way. Making time table, managing time and practical study. Preparing organized notes is an another way. These can be followed for organized study. 

8.Be positive

Students usually have the fear of being failed in the exams. That is the reason they try to study more and more. They don’t take care of their health. Students study for long hours to pass exams. This increases stress among students.

So while studying students must have fresh mind. They must think positive for results. Being positive increases learning power. So they should try to remove fear of failure.

9.Spend time in your favorite activities

Students must involve them in any hobby like cooking, dancing, painting, or listening music. Hobby can include any activity which they enjoy. It help them in stress reduction. This will make them relax and happy. So students should try to spend time in them. It increases concentration power. 

10.Healthy diet

Taking a healthy and proper diet is another way to reduce stress. Students must not skip their meals. This is because “A healthy mind stays only in a healthy body”. So if you want a relaxed mind. Then your body must be healthy. 

For this, you must take a good diet. It will make you healthy and reduce stress. Reducing stress will help in better understanding of concepts.

Conclusion of the article

So now after discussing 10 ways to reduce study stress. I would rather advise you to follow these ways for effective study. These ways will help to reduce stress. Then you will not feel that studying is stressful. 


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