Shakuntala Devi Movie trailer is out : Biopic of the “Human Computer”

Shakuntala Movie Devi trailer: The movie Shakuntala Devi, a biopic of a renowned mathematics genius has got its trailer released. Helmed and co-written by Anu Menon, the movie stars Vidya Balan as the lead role. The movie is based on the life journey of the woman known worldwide as the Human-Computer. Apart from this, the production of the movie is by Sony Pictures Network India and Vikram Malhotra (Abundantia Entertainment).

Shakuntala Devi Trailer, Cast, and Release Date

The cast of the movie Shakuntala Devi is as follows:

  • Vidya Balan as Shakuntala Devi
  • Jisshu Sengupta as Shakuntala’s husband
  • Sanya Malhotra as Shakuntala’s daughter
  • Amit Sadh as Shakuntala’s son-in-law

The film was scheduled for release in May 2020 but unfortunately, this couldn’t happen. Now, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the movie is now all set for release on Amazon Prime Video on 31st July 2020. (Shakuntala Devi release date)

Shakuntala Devi Movie Trailer: All you need to know

The trailer is of approximately three-minutes duration and in such a short span of time, Vidya Balan has amazed the viewers with her brilliant performance. The story showcases the brilliance of Shakuntala Devi and her journey from a 6-years old girl who wants to go to school to a mother. Vidya Balan has an appropriate appearance as a simple middle-aged girl wearing Indian attire along with two plaits during her teenage. A brilliant woman wearing western clothes and a classy lady in saree during her motherhood.

The trailer opens with Vidya Balan aka Shakuntala Devi introducing the audience with her best friend ‘Math’ and she says it has no rules, only magic. It then shows her flying to London with her father where she amazes everybody with her computational skills. Also, she gets her registration in the Guinness World Record Book for her exceptional brilliance.

In addition to that, the story also highlights the bittersweet relationship between a mother and her daughter (played by Sanya Malhotra) which is the drama element of the movie. Though a little is known about the relationship between Shakuntala Devi and her daughter, it is quite evident from the trailer that Anupama Bannerjee blames her mother for prioritizing Math over her. Moreover, at the end of the trailer, Vidya Balan herself confesses that “We Indians are like that only. Drama or nothing.” However, the movie not only shows the fame and passion of Shakuntala Devi but also her imperfections.

Shakuntala Devi’s real story

Shakuntala Devi (1929-2013) was a celebrated mathematics genius from India. She has her name registered in the Guinness World Records for multiplying two 13-digit numbers in just 28 seconds. She has worldwide recognition as the Human-computer because of her dazzling math skills. Apart from being a math wizard, she was also an astrologer and a pioneer in homosexuality in India.

Vidya Balan’s excitement for the movie

Talking about the movie Vidya Balan in a video said, “Stepping into the world of Shakuntala Devi was as intimidating as it was exhilarating. Her story is inspirational and makes you see how if we believe in ourselves, the world is our oyster. A direct release on Prime Video will bring Shakuntala Devi one step closer to audiences across the globe where they can watch the movie at their convenience.”

Vidya gave her fans a math equation to solve to watch the trailer before its official release. She posted a picture of her holding a placard with a mathematical equation written on it. On her recent post on social media, she wrote, “Solve for c… if you do, you will c the SURPRISE! Get a chance to see the trailer before the world.”

Watch Shakuntala Devi Movie Trailer

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