The Epitome of Beauty- Bali, Indonesia

Nothing excites us more than spending a vacation on an Island, splashing the ocean water and sunbath at the beaches. And if we talk about islands and don’t mention Bali, then it will be not less than a sin.

Bali, an island in Indonesia, is the epitome of beauty and peace. If the hammer of work pressure has chiseled your brain, then do you know what you need? It would be best if you have a vacation in Bali away from this hassle world. It will not only refresh your mind and soul but will also change your attitude towards life. If you doubt the above-said words, then you will experience it in Bali yourself.

This article will look up into various places in Bali which you cannot afford to miss.

Bali- An Overview

Bali in Indonesia is the most famous island in the world known for its natural beauty and meditation retreats. The forested volcanic mountains, rice paddies, coral reefs, and beaches all together decorate Bali. Apart from natural beauty, it is known for its yoga and meditation retreats which refreshes the soul. The culture of Bali, which includes its music, dance, food, clothes, and festivals are also a major tourist attraction.

If you are planning to visit Bali, then you must try doing these things:

Feel the waves in Ulu Watu

Imagine a place where the green mountains stop the roaring ocean blue waves. Ulu Watu is the living form of this imagination. This fascinating place attracts several tourists to enjoy the waves rising and falling.

The waves here are composed of five world-class surf breaks which make it draw to eyes. The loud waves will carry away all your tension and will obligate your eyes to get submerged into them.

Explore the marine life by Scuba diving

Out of all the natural habitats, perhaps the blue one is the most beautiful and exotic. Exploring the ocean or marine life is something we all fascinate.

In Bali, you get a chance to convert your fascination into reality. Beaches in Bali provide the opportunity to go deep into the ocean and live a part of your life with the exotic organisms breathing underwater.

Volcanic Mountain is something rare to see- Mount Batur

If you are in Indonesia, you cannot afford to miss Mount Batur. It is an active volcano which was last erupted in 2000. The black lava which came out of the eruption has increased the beauty of this mountain. It gives you a view which is very rare to go to.

It is a place where the fire of nature has molded into a form of peace. You can enjoy trekking on this mountain with your friends and family.

The mixing of orange and blue: Sunset at Kuta Beach

When , nothing is better than enjoying a jaw-dropping sunset on a beachside. Kuta Beach in Bali is famous for its golden sand and surf waves. If you are visiting Bali, then you need to see the sun setting down the blue ocean. It will give you an experience your heart will always thank you for. You can also spend a day lying down in the sand and chatting with friends or family.

This were some of the things you should try while you visit Bali. This is not the end of the list of things to do in Bali. It It is more beautiful and lively than you think. You can only enjoy its liveliness and beauty once you visit there.

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