The Story behind the creation of American Dolls

Dolls are the craze of every girl during her childhood. The cute faces, perfect lips, dimple and charismatic eyes all these features fascinate us and somewhere once in a lifetime, we have wished to have features like American dolls. From Barbie to Bartz all these American dolls are so popular. You might be wondering why people bought them irrespective of the high price?

The companies that produced these dolls have only one motive that is to bring happiness in the life of young girls. Here are a few facts about these American dolls that you have no idea.

The woman behind the creation

Pleasant Rowland is the woman behind the creation of this legacy of American Dolls. Her creative ideas and approach brought lives to these dolls and made them famous worldwide. She founded the Pleasant Company which manufactures American dolls.

How the idea came?

She once went on a trip with her husband where she was fascinated by the attire and accessories. Students in schools and colleges were not given education about American Culture and clothing. One day she went to a store and an idea came up. She decided to sell American doll and each doll was given a character. The character described the attire and looks from a particular time frame.

The perfect combination

Ahe decided to combine these dolls with a book that described the character. The combination of dolls with the books turned out to be a huge success.

The risk and society

Initially, the story was different. Everyone thought that she was crazy and this is not going to work at all. Rowland refused to go to stores to sell her dolls instead she opted for mail-order catalogues. But her risk and hard work finally paid off after three months the company made $1,7 million.

They were more than dolls

These were not just dolls or books they were created with a purpose to create historically accurate dolls. Although it has now become one of the multimillion-dollar company initially it was the idea to make children understand the American culture. They with dolls have films, magazines, animations about dolls character too.

The story behind every doll

Every doll that was created had a backstory with explained in their books. Every character till date has a detailed storyline mentioned in the books. The character was born out of memories, experiences and ideas that were derived from the real world.

The charity

The company believes in sharing happiness thus, it not only makes profits but believes in sharing it as well.
The company donates a lot in charities. In fact, in 2019 it donated $125 to a charity. They help in promoting girls and their education.

These were some of the exceptionally amazing not so known facts about these American dolls. It was a story about an idea that turned into a grand success. The story about a woman who believed in her dreams.

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