Plasma Therapy in USA : A new ray of hope

The entire world is fighting against the global pandemic. Everyone is living in fear and the world has stopped. In the era of darkness when no hope of light prevails, researchers are working day and night to create an antidote to kill this virus.

Even a small action gives a new ray of hope. Currently, plasma therapy is giving everyone a new ray of hope. This plasma therapy might prove to be good enough in the treatment of the virus. However,  no confirmation is done regarding the same.

 what is this Plasma Therapy?

The major aim of this process is to use the antibodies from the blood of the recovered patients of COVID-19 and using it for the people who are critical. The logic behind the therapy is simple. The patients who have recovered from COVID-19 have to build natural antibodies in blood which has the ability to fight against the virus.

But, just remember it is a preventive method, not a treatment or an antidote against the virus.

How does this therapy work?

These antibodies are developed in a person as a natural immune reaction to fight against the novel virus. Now, the body of a recovered patient has developed that antibody. The patient who has recovered donates the blood. The blood is then, checked and if safe the plasma is extracted. Then, the antibody-rich plasma turns useful in the treatment of other patients.

Risk involved?

Being an excellent source to treat this deadly disease, this therapy has some risk involved too.

When you transfer the blood then, other infection might also be transferred. The therapy might not work for some patients and can result in serious problems and might create a chance for re-infection.

Has it been used earlier?

This is not the first time when convalescent plasma therapy is used. Before COVID-19 it was used in treating Ebola, Spanish Flu and other respiratory diseases. This therapy was first used in China and no bad outbreaks were observed. In fact, it really worked well in improving the conditions of patients.

Although researchers have claimed that it might just be an experimental way. No sure conclusions can be drawn as they have been applied to very less number of people till now. But, this has brought a ray of hope in these adverse conditions.

We need to remember that we all are together in this fight. Stay at home, sanitise your hands, wear a mask and the day is not far when we will again get back to our normal lives.


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