Times Salman Khan Lost His Calm In Big Boss

B-Town’s superstar Salman Khan is the essence of the reality show Big Boss. The handsome hunk proved to be the best host of the show. In fact, at times, fans wait for the Weekend Ka Vaar more than the weekday episodes. The unique style of Salman giving befitting reply and throwing humorous punch lines brings the entertainment factor in the season.

However, not always the Bajrangi Bhaijaan is in the good mood. There are many instances when the Dabangg star lost his calm and walked off. His anger mode can give anyone chills. So, let’s recall the times when Salman’s patience got tested and the participants were left numb.

Times Salman Khan got angry in Big Boss

Salman Khan Fumes With Anger at Paras Chhabra:

Showing attitude to Salman Khan can prove to be fatal for anyone. In one of the Weekend Ka Vaar, contestant Paras Chhabra did try messing with him but later got a good one from Salman. When Salman talks about Paras’ romantic bond with Mahira, the latter raises his voice and alleges the show’s creatives for intentionally showing his and Mahira’s scenes.

Salman also reminds Paras about his chat with ex-girlfriend Akanksha Puri after which Paras starts arguing with him. The housemates ask Paras not to argue. However, things did not go peaceful till Salman points out a finger and asks Paras to not talk to him in such a tone and lower his voice.

Salman Khan Upset with Rashami Desai

TV actress Rashami Desai also comes on the list of getting a nice one from Dabangg star. In Big Boss season 13, Rashami blames the cameraman of the show for portraying her negatively. On this, Salman gets into a foul mood and, asks Rashami to leave the show there and then. He even asks Big Boss to open the doors for Rashami.

Salman Khan Asks SidNaaz to Pack Their Bags

Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz are among Salman’s favorite performers from season 13. However, even they have been a victim of Salman’s anger. On getting irritated with SidNaaz’s stupid acts in the house, the actor asks them to quit the show and leave. Thankfully the duo respects him and apologize. Salman also gets irked by Shehnaaz’s tantrums and calls her jealous. The actor warns her not to do any drama and behave respectfully in the house.

Salman Asks the Makers to Get a New Host

One of the most heated and viral arguments that left many disgusted is Rashami and Sidharth’s banter in season 13. The Uttaran actress spills cup of tea on Sidharth and his beau Arhaan supports her in the violent act. After this, Sidharth loses his temper and use demeaning words for Rashami while she calls him ‘Kachra’ and goes on to his family. This leaves Salman shocked and he requests the makers to get a new host for the show. Salman calls Rashami disgusting and tells them that he is not ready to take such ‘shit’ in the show.

Salman Khan outraged at Priyanka Jagga

The most irritating commoner, Priyanka Jagga got onto everyone’s nerves in the house. Not only this but the audacious lady had a nasty fight with Salman Khan. She went on saying rubbish things to such an extent that, Salman lost his calm and throws her out of the show. The actor points out Priyanka for being extremely pathetic and unethical throughout her journey. Her non-stop abusive language and violent behavior created ruckus in the house. Priyanka’s acts are not justiciable and are offensive.

Swami Om provoke Salman to Go Off the Deep End

Initially, Swami Om became a quite famous and entertaining contestant in the house. However, later his activities in the house became intolerable. His abusive words for woman and his sick actions let Salman lose his control.

From stripping off his clothes to peeing in front of everyone, Swami Om left no chance to unpleased the viewers. Because of his derogatory remarks, the show’s viewership faced a downfall after which, he was asked to leave. It was not only one instance when Salman lost his temper on Swami Om. In the name of respect, the actor was being calm but when things went beyond limits, Salman’s rage busted.

Salman Blasted Imam Siddiqui

One of the most entertaining yet irritating participants Imam Siddiqui had to face Salman’s wrath when he told him ‘Time Out’. The actor could not take it and blasted Imam. Also, the Sultan actor’s anger rose high when Imam gave himself credit for Shahrukh and Preity Zinta’s success.

These are some of the major incidences from Big Boss when Salman’s anger got out of control. Apart from these, there have been times when Salman just ignored to maintain peace. Otherwise, messing with him is not a soothing choice.

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