Wearing a Mask During Exercise Is Healthy or Not ?

COVID 19 Outbreak

No one has ever thought that Wearing mask will become a part of daily life. But a virus has changed our lives to a great extent. All this has started from March 2020, when a COVID-19 virus started spreading much. It originated from Wuhan, China. But after a few months it has started spreading across the world. Due to which the government had imposed a nationwide lockdown. 

This lockdown continued for about 7 months. After that, the government started opening areas slowly to reduce the Coronavirus spread. Now it has been almost 1 year since it has been affecting people but till now also fear is in the minds of people. 

This has made many changes to our lives. One big change is to wear a mask every time to reduce its spread. Though it is good to reduce virus spread. But you should also know about its effects on health. So in this article, we will discuss the mandatory requirements due to viruses. Apart from this, we will discuss whether you should wear a mask while you exercise or not. 

Wearing mask-Mandatory Changes After COVID-19

Following changes are imposed due to COVID- 19- 

1.Social distancing norms

Social distancing norms have been made mandatory for persons going out. This is much more important while you are in a public place.  Social distancing means to keep distance of 3 feet when around people and not to greet anyone by hand shake or hugging.

2.Keeping sanitizers

This is another mandatory requirement for people. You must take your sanitizer while you go out and sanitizer while you go out. Try to sanitize your hands frequently after you touch anything in a public place.

3.Wearing mask

You must mandatorily wear mask to prevent COVID-19 infections. This is mandatory if you are in a public place or any public transport. It is even required if you are on road, on bike or  in a car.

4.Installation of sanitizer machines

It has been made mandatory to install sanitizer machines in banks, malls, metro stations and even in offices. 

5.Wearing mask- Imposition of Fines and Penalties

It has been decided by the government to impose fines and penalties on wearing masks. This is important to reduce COVID-19 transmission and force people to follow it. 

6.Mandatory COVID-19 negative test report for outstation travelling

It is another mandatory imposition by the Government. You must submit COVID-19 negative test report for outstation travelling. It is mandatory for travelling through railways, airplanes or any other transport. 

Mask Wearing during exercise- Healthy or not 

We usually take a deep and long breath during exercise. During this process, we inhale outside air to a large extent compared to any other situation. We all know that virus infections spread through inhaling particles present in the air. So you can get infected if you exercise without a mask. So it is advisable to wear a mask during exercise to prevent it. 

Though it is mandatory to wear masks, you must understand whether it is safe while you exercise or not. This is because though it may prevent COVID-19 infection it may lead to other problems too. It is a very important question which you must analyse.  For its analysis, let us take an example of 2 categories of persons. 

Category 1- Healthy persons having no lung or breathing issues 

Healthy people can wear mask even during exercise. This is because they don’t have any breathing problems. So masks will not cause any negative effect on them. Instead it will prevent virus infections. 

Category 2- Persons having lung or any other breathing problems

Though Mask wearing prevents COVID-19 infections. But if you take an example of persons with breathing issues. Then you must consider some issues. They require fresh air all the time. So during exercise, if they wear mask, then it can have negative effects on health. 

Findings in researches

Many foreign universities have conducted tests regarding this. A group of people was selected for the test. It has been found in research that healthy persons had no side effects of wearing a mask while exercising. 

But tests have not been made for people with breathing issues. So till then, it is not advisable to wear a mask during exercise if you are a patient of lung or any other breathing disorder. 

Other negative effects of wearing masks

Besides during exercise, wearing masks have other side effects also on our health. These include-

1.Wearing mask- Suffocation issues

Wearing mask for a long time reduces inhalation of fresh air. This can cause suffocation issues to people. That is the first side effect of wearing masks. 

2.Lung and asthma patients

These patients can’t wear masks even for a less period of time. This is because they already have problems in breathing. So wearing masks suffocate them much.

3.Skin reactions

Other than above issues, another side effect of wearing mask is skin reactions. People who wear masks get skin reactions. These include red marks on skin and acne issues.

4.Wearing mask- Headaches

Sometimes wearing mask can even cause headaches to persons. This is because of long time mask wearing cause suffocation and as a result causes headaches.

Research Analysis

Researchers have also found above side effects of wearing mask. So in this regard, you must be cautious while you wear masks. 

Summing up

Now after the above analysis, some points can be concluded. As per research, there is no harm to wear a mask during exercise if you are a healthy person. But for persons who are already asthma patients or any other breathing problems patient, analysis is different. They must avoid wearing masks during exercise. 

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