Top 5 American Foods

Every country specialize in exotic kind of food that is loved by everyone. So does Americans are known for their fast food. So let us talk (most popular food in america) here about top 10 American food that is loved by all Americans and are quite famous around the globe.


It’s a kind of sandwich which have one or more cooked patties made of usually beef which is placed inside a bun and then it is grilled upon the pan. The birthplace of Hamburger is believed to be Library of Congress: New Haven, Connecticut.


The famous saying says: “ American as apple pie” and the obvious reason cited behind this is the sweet tooth of Americans for which they are known world wide. It’s a combination of sugar, butter and sliced apples that makes a superb and finger licking dessert for every American. It’s a must try dessert for everyone.


Visiting New England and not indulging into CLAM CHOWDER is regarded a crime(joking). You are surely going to fall in love with this dish which is made with quahog shell fish which is mixed with soft potatoes, salted pork, heavy cream and other essential herbs.


It’s a famous dish from Jewish Cuisine and is a much loved food in America. You can find the best Bagel and Lox from Russ and Daughters on the lower East (most popular food in america) Side and get indulged into the best Bagel and Lox. It is made up of smoked fish, cream cheese mixed with spicy and mouth watering herbs.


Texas are literally die hearted fan of Barbecue. The mesmerising smell of Mesquite smoked meats and tenderising rubs are must to try food for every Americans. You can find the best Texas Barbecue at Dallas Farmers Market and enjoy this mouth watering dish.

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