WhatsApp Pay Now Available for Users in India

Whatsapp pay is now available for users in India. Yes, you guys read it right. Whatsapp has launched it’s a new update in India as well. There were many speculations made about the whatsapp pay in India for a few months. But now whatsapp has clarified and answered every single question regarding this.

So today we will tell you through this article how you can make online payments through Whatsapp pay. As we all know that WhatsApp application has been acquired by Facebook some times ago. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also runs the WhatsApp application. A long time ago, Mark Zuckerberg said that soon the WhatsApp payment method will also be available to everyone and people will be able to make online payments through it.

But the wait of the people gradually increased and now after a long time, finally the WhatsApp payment method has been presented to all of us. So let’s have a look at whatsapp pay payment method. We will Know how it is better than the rest of the online payment application. And how will we be able to use it easily.

Benefits of using whatsapp pay:-

A new name has been whatsapp pay has been added in the field of online payment application. Now people are raising the question that which online payment application is the best. And which payment application should they use. At the same time, the question is also coming that how can Whatsapp pay online payment method prove to be better than the rest of the payment application.

Actually, we all know that there are online transaction applications like Google Pay, Phone Pay, and Paytm are available in the market. And now with the arrival of Whatsapp Pay, competition has increased even more. But people believe that in the coming time, this will be used more than the rest of the online payment application. This is because WhatsApp has about 400 million users in India. All users spend more time chatting on WhatsApp.

And while spending time on WhatsApp, if they have to make a payment, then they can easily make payment by using this payment method. They do not even need to go from one application to another. Another advantage of being available on WhatsApp is that you will not have to put more extra apps in your phone.

There can also be losses due to more online payment applications on the phone. Because if someone else will use your phone and if they know information about you, then they can be fraudulent with you. So keep as few payment applications on your phone as possible. Through Whatsapp application, you can avail both message and payment services.

Whatsapp pay in India:-

Now that Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Whatsapp pay will also be available for WhatsApp users in India, the way for people to pay online has become even easier. This will be available in 10 Indian languages. After the new update, you can scan any UPI code and pay with WhatsApp. This means that the way you are currently paying with Google Pay or PhonePe, you will be able to pay through WhatsApp.

Whatsapp has partnered with 5 Indian banks on behalf of Whatsapp pay. WhatsApp has partnered with ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, SBI and Jio Payments Bank for payment service, although you will be able to use WhatsApp payments even if you do not have an account in these banks.

A big thing has also come to light that you will not have to pay any payment to whatsapp for the payment made using Whatsapp pay. That means, you can transfer the entire amount from your account to another person’s account. On this, you will get the option of paying through UPI. That is, you have to generate a UPI pin first. And only then you will be able to scan any code or transfer money to another person’s account.

Is this online payment method is secure or not?

Now the biggest question is whether the Whatsapp pay payment method is as safe as the rest of the online payment application or not. See, when it comes to anything online, in the context of that fraud goes along with it. Never, any online application claims to be 100% secure in front of you.

Any online payment application, whether it is the phone pe, Gpay or Paytm, cannot be said to be completely secure. Likewise, WhatsApp payment method also cannot be said to be completely safe. And on WhatsApp, the users are also much more than the rest of the applications. So, for now, confirming that the Whatsapp application is better than the rest of the payment application would be absolutely wrong.

It has to be seen how WhatsApp can make the payment method more secure in the coming times. And if in the coming times, WhatsApp is able to make online payment method safe and simple, then perhaps the usage of Whatsapp Pay in India will increase to a great extent than other online applications.

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